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About Sarah a Personal Energy Coach

Sarah Lawrence – a Personal Energy Coach

Sarah sunset2This is me, Sarah, – I’m a Personal Energy Coach.  I’m a Highly Sensitive Person who is also gifted with intuitive empathetic awareness, the ability to work with your Personal Energy Field and read your Akashic Records (the book of Life).

Never worked with a Personal Energy Coach before?  Well, here’s your chance!
I offer Online Sessions via Skype to help you connect with your Personal Energy Field.

EITHER – I can design a personalized approach to help you connect with your Personal Energy Field using any (and sometimes all!) of the approaches in my Energetics Toolkit OR – you can simply experience one of the sessions or online courses in the Energetics Toolkit.

My work is based on 20 years of study and practical application both in business and in personal life and I’ve created a concept called Energetic Integrity

There’s a lot of different modalities out there, an as a Sensitive person with growing Intuition on the spiritual journey — it’s tough to know where to start, so here’s a route I have created to help.


Energetic Integrity

I call this concept ‘the three levels of awareness’.  There are a lot of new energy psychology approaches out there, a lot of modalities, books, movies, workshops, t-shirts – you name it!  Yet it really comes down to this.

Expand your awareness in all 3 areas 

3D/Incarnated Awareness

Energetic (auric) Awareness

Soul Level (Akashic) Awareness

You will evolve and have greater Energetic Integrity, resulting in better results in daily life, more ‘chi’ or body energy, your intuition will open, your sensitivity will increase, your spiritual gifts will grow, and you will Evolve!

If you are experiencing

  • A shift in awareness
  • An intuitive opening
  • An energy imbalance
  • A need to know MORE about your Soul Purpose and how ‘it all works
  • Lucid dreams
  • An opening to the spiritual journey…

Then I can help!

We will work together as needed until you have a clear connection with your Personal Energy Field and shifts are being made, supported by live coaching sessions, online courses, handouts and email support.

That’s it!

Connect with your Personal Energy Field and the wisdom stored within!

Sarah has applied experience in the following modalities

Neurolinguistic Programming™ (NLP™) | The Mythoself Process™ | Accelerated Learning | Brain Gym® | The Brain Dominance Profiling Method |Reflexology | The EMF Balancing Technique® | Remote Viewing | Intuitive Empathetic Energy Work | Akashic Records work in Energy Healing, Working with Ancestral and Generational Patterns and Past Lives, Healing Through the Akashic Records | Certified Angel Card Reader™ |

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  • Soul Star Reading

    Sarah is very kind and gentle and her energy is wonderful

    I super recommend this reading. Sarah is very kind, gentle and her energy is wonderful. I had a couple of appointments with her and definitely will have more in the future.

    Larissa Tessendorf

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