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Your Intuitive GiftsLearn How to connect with your own Personal Energy Field with Sarah’s help

Relax – it’s OK if you don’t know where to start… I do!

After 16 years of work and study I have created an Energetics Toolkit that...

  1. Connects you with your Personal Energy Field

  2. Opens you to new potentials and possibilities for wellness

  3. Increases your intuition

  4. Strengthens your connection to your Inner Wisdom

  5. Helps you to learn more about your Soul Purpose and your Spiritual Journey

  6. Enables you to learn how to manage and balance your Personal Energy

  7. Is great fun, rewarding, and fascinating to work with! 😉


The New World Energetics Toolkit has been designed using wisdom both ancient and modern, and connects together with self-teaching, recursive loops because your Personal Energy Field is structured that way.

(This simply means that all the tools are designed to connect you with your Personal Energy Field, learn more about it, connect with your Inner Wisdom and discover your own preferred methods of Spiritual Practice.)

Choose from…

| Akashic Records Readings | Angelic Readings | EMF Balancing Technique® Sessions I-IV | Intuitive Coaching Sessions | Intuitive Essential Oil Readings | Spiritual Espresso! |

| Help me to find what’s right for me |

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