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Intuitive Coaching Session

Would you like a friendly introduction into the world of intuition, energy work and spiritual practice?

Intuitive CoachingThen an Intuitive Coaching session will get you there!

I can connect with your energy field and help you figure out your Intuitive Strengths. It’s my belief that we all have intuitive abilities that we may be unaware of or are simply not paying attention to!

Intuitive ‘hits’ are all around us!

An Intuitive Coaching session will enable you to commence a connection process with your own Personal Energy Field

I use a unique combination or blend of intuitive energy techniques which give you practical information and suggestions to enable you to

  • Connect more deeply with your Personal Energy Field
  • Relate to past life issues
  • Discover where energy may be ‘blocked’ in your body systems and energy anatomy
  • Start the process of emotional release and letting go of traumatic past experiences.
  • Connect with your personal Spirit Guides

After the session I will write a short report based on your reading to…

  • Suggest a Spiritual Practice Plan
  • Recommend books specifically for you
  • Suggest spiritual tools for your specific Personal Energy such as crystals or essential oils

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  • Soul Star Reading

    Sarah is very kind and gentle and her energy is wonderful

    I super recommend this reading. Sarah is very kind, gentle and her energy is wonderful. I had a couple of appointments with her and definitely will have more in the future.

    Larissa Tessendorf

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