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Free Resources from Sarah at New World Energetics

There’s a lot to learn when you want to know more about your Personal Energy.  I’ve created some free resources to help you out.

Here are 4 free resources to help you learn more about Personal Energetics!

1. Sign up for Energetics Updates

This is a monthly newsletter (see box below to sign up).  I write monthly newsletters to give you updates from my online practice.  You also receive extra thoughts and information from me and updates from my two blogs.

2. Use the free information on my Mom On A Spiritual Journey blog

I’ve been writing this blog for three years now, it’s how I learned how to blog and build websites.  All my own work!  Lots of free posts for you to learn more about your Spiritual Journey, alternative health and wellness techniques plus ancient and modern spiritual practice.

Mom On A Spiritual Journey Blog – latest blog posts

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3. Mom On A Spiritual Journey Podcasts

Energy exercises, channeled poems and Akashic Messages!

Link to Podcast on iTunes here>>

4. The Akashic Messages Blogspot

I’ve recently been guided to start writing this blogspot – it’s fun, short information bursts about the Akashic Records – Akashic Messages with Sarah.

  • Wed, 30 May 2018 15:59:00 +0000: Open Open Open - Akashic Messages with Sarah

    Open Open Open

    Oh open to humanity
    The heart of all
    We all love you
    And you love us

    Yet we hijack our hearts
    And celebrate the fall
    So that we can have what we think we want
    Instead of the love of all, to all

    These patterns we repeat
    In the heat of hatred, fear and separation
    What is it that builds the wall
    Around the hearts of each nation

    Even when we know we are the same race, same species
    We separate
    Find reasons to be different
    Your eye color
    My religion
    His skin color
    Her hair
    My beliefs that I don't even know I hold
    But I act them out
    A robot in slow-mo
    Doing what I'm told

    We are born beautiful, open, loving
    My three-year-old daughter told me
    She missed Jesus and the Angels so much
    Couldn't wait to go home

    If we could just open our hearts
    We can be living our paradise on Earth, all the time
    No longer alone.

    Sarah Lawrence
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So remember – 4 free resources