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soul star akashic

Soul Star Akashic Readings

Your Soul Star is also known as your 8th chakra, thought to be the Seat of the Soul energetically speaking and to enable us to have access to our personal Akashic Records and the Wisdom of the Higher Self and Soul.

The Soul Star also holds the key to understanding the nature of your individual Soul, your soul origins, your individual Soul Characteristics and your Soul History here on Earth, in this lifetime and others, and even during other planetary existences should that apply to the individual nature of your Soul.

Have A Soul Star Reading

In a Soul Star reading, Sarah will create a Soul Profile containing detailed information about your individual soul, its’ history, origins and present vibrational state.

With this information, it will be possible to intuit a Soul Story to help you understand your current energetic posture within the 3D body and how and why that may differ from your original energetic posture from Divine Source.

How did I get here?

Interpreting these differences will enable you to understand where you are on your individual Spiritual Journey now and where you have traveled from to be here now.

Often clients experience many ‘aha’ moments and reconnect with deep Soul Truths as they begin to reconnect with their own highly individual, beautiful and sparkling Soul Star.

Becoming aware of your individual Soul Star is an enlightening experience, giving you the opportunity to review your spiritual path and to help you decide how to chart your next steps on the Spiritual Journey in this lifetime.

How can this information help me?

Do you feel an unknown ‘something’ that is holding you back?  Perhaps it’s an emotion that comes up when you try to take a step forward, or a feeling that something or someone is draining your energy, or chi?

Well, it’s possible that what you believe is happening really is!  This Akashic Reading will also identify energy blocks and restrictions that may have held you back from this life and Past Lives.  You will also receive spiritual protocols to help you do some spiritual housecleaning and clear these blocks from your Personal Energy Field.

As part of this reading, you will also receive spiritual protocols to help you do some spiritual housecleaning and clear these blocks from your Personal Energy Field.

Connect more deeply with your Soul Star

Learn more about you, your spiritual past and then decide on how to activate your future potentials for ongoing evolution with a Soul Star Mapping Session.

soul star mapping
Jaci Sivley
My Soul Star reading from Sarah was absolutely a-ma-zing!!!! It clarified so many things for me, answered questions I've had for a long time........and it was spot on in every single aspect. Sarah identified a blockage that was coming from an outside source. That has been cleared, and things in my life have been taking off for me in ways I never could have imagined. I'm learning a new modality and looking at re-branding the work I do. I have a sense of peace and of truly *settling into* who I am and how I am that I didn't quite have before, despite all the years of personal work I've done. I'm recommending a Soul Star reading from Sarah to everyone I know! Thank you, Sarah. Beautiful experience and stellar results! Read more

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After a short chat with Sarah to exchange some information, your Soul Star Mapping Session will be created remotely, then given to you one-on-one over Skype or phone.

Sessions usually last about 90 minutes including any questions you may have.

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