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Interested in creating success on your spiritual journey? Awaken your Akashic Records, develop your intuition, experience growth and abundance!

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Sarah Lawrence – Akashic Records Reader and Intuitive Coach

Akashic Records ReaderThis is me!

I am

  • A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
  • An Empath
  • A psychic medium
  • An Akashic Records Reader.

If you have never worked with an Akashic Records Reader before, here’s some information to help you with the process

I have studied the human energy field and EP (Energy Psychology) for over 20 years now.

I’ve worked in lots of different fields, I worked for years in the UK Broadcasting Industry, then took a sharp right into IT (Information Technology, as it used to be called), then I became a business trainer and co-ran a training business.

After that, I took a sharp left and moved to the USA, had two children.

During my time at home with my small children, I studied many energy modalities and energetic approaches to wellness.

Many people told me on my spiritual journey to develop my psychic or intuitive skills.

I have focused on growth in those areas and now feel confident that I have personal development and growth systems I can share effectively with others.

My specialty is being an Akashic Records Reader.

I can help you if you are experiencing

  • A shift in awareness
  • A need for more answers!
  • An intuitive opening
  • An energy imbalance
  • You want to learn more about the roots of a chronic illness
  • A need to know MORE about your Soul Purpose and how ‘it all works
  • Lucid dreams
  • An opening to the spiritual journey…
  • A Past Life awakening, or the suspicion that some of your restrictions in life come down to Past Life Issues
  • A desire to grow your intuition
  • A wish to be on the team to raise human consciousness and experience spiritual Ascension.

How I can help you



Sarahs’ Education and Training

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming™ (NLP™) with Richard Bandler

  • Facilitator, TheMythoself Process™ by Joseph Riggio

  • Accelerated Learning Course Design

  • Brain Gym®

  • The Brain Dominance Profiling Method

  • Certified Reflexologist, State of MD, USA

  • The EMF Balancing Technique® with Peggy Phoenix Dubro, phases 1-13

  • Remote Viewing with Joe McMonagle

  • Akashic Records work in Energy Healing, Working with Ancestral and Generational Patterns and Past Lives, Healing Through the Akashic Records with Linda Howe

  • Energy Work with Seka Nikolic

  • Certified Angel Card Reader™ with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

  • Soul Realignment Process Practitioner with Andrea Hess (Akashic Records)

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