Awaken your Akashic Records

Akashic FoundationsAwaken your Akashic Records Coaching Part I

Are you interested in learning more about the Akashic Records….and want to be able to read the Records for yourself?

Then this 3 part coaching course may be for you!

Learn more about Past Lives, become sure you are accessing your Akashic Records and increase your natural intuitive gifts with Awaken your Akashic Records.

In this Coaching course learn how to…

  • Open and close your own Akashic Records
  • Discover your personalized method for accessing the Akashic Records, and how to get used to the Akashic Energy
  • Create your own personal checklist for knowing that you are in the Akashic Records.

Perhaps you’ve read a book or two, but are still not quite sure how to…

  • meditate within the Akashic Records
  • know your best intuitive channels for receiving information from your Records
  • Formulate the best questions for your spiritual practice?

The Awaken your Akashic Records Coaching Course can help!

You have a knotty issue to deal with, and suspect that it is related to a Past Life Issue…

  •  want to learn how to review Past Lives when appropriate
  • how to interact with a Past Life aspect of yourself
  • learn to encourage healing from your new Past Life awareness?

In this 3 part Akashic Foundations coaching course you will receive

  1. Three separate one-hour coaching sessions with Sarah
  2. Extensive follow-up notes in downloadable PDF format
  3. A suggested reading list
  4. Greater awareness of your own Intuitive Gifts
  5. The confidence to access your own Akashic Records as a regular Spiritual Practice!


Energetic Integrity

Sarah is an excellent teacher – down to earth

Sarah is an excellent teacher!  Her teaching style is very down to earth, she is full of compassion and has a wealth of spiritual knowledge to share.

I would recommend Akashic Foundations to anyone looking to learn to read their own Akashic Records or the student looking to become more spiritually aware.

The course is straightforward and brilliantly designed!  Thank you would never be enough for all that I have learned.  Namaste Sarah.


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