The Akashic Records Development Program with Sarah

Connect with Your Akashic Records – level 1

Connect with your Akashic Records by following these steps

  1. find out where you first incarnated and connect with your Soul Group (Soul Star)
  2. learn how to connect energetically with choices and goals (Energetic Goal Setting)
  3. learn how to connect with your Inner Light and discover hidden talents and abilities (Akashic Inner Light)


the akashic records development program with sarah – level 1

1. Soul Star Reading

To begin this reading, Sarah works remotely with your Akashic Records to compile a report.  You then connect with her via Skype or phone for about 1hr 15 minutes to hear the results.  Think of this reading as a Soul Level Personality profile – like a spiritual Myers Briggs – and an opportunity to clear blocks and restrictions.

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2. energetic goal setting work – using the AKASHIC REcords!

This is a 6-part reading and personal energy coaching event.  Learn how you manifest, embrace your energetic signature and set plans and goals using energy – sounds odd but it works!!  Discover what happens in 3D, 4D and 5D when you make choices and take action.

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3. akashic inner light reading

Now that you know where you came from and are learning to embrace your Soul Level truths, and you are effectively working with manifestation, learn about your Inner Light.  Find out how to connect more deeply with your innate inner spiritual strengths.  This 1 hour reading is highly spiritual and can be repeated at any time.

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soul star mapping

“What a wonderful experience! Sarah is a gentle and kind-hearted coach who patiently took me through an amazing journey. She is compassionate, caring and told me things that resonated with me to my core. Shortly after the reading, my energy and life has changed for the better. I have a sense of strength and confidence that will carry me through life. What a blessing to have been connected with her!” Nadia Ardebili

Nadia Ardibili

energetic goal setting

Sarah has worked with me over the past year and I have found it to be a profoundly amazing experience. I’ve learned through the opening of my Akashic records, how previous lives correlate to events/situations in my life today and how I can leverage and grow from this knowledge to achieve favorable results.

Ellen Carey

Soul Star Reading

Learn about your spiritual origins, how the energy of your Soul manifests in your personality, and clear blocks and restrictions

Energetic Goal Setting

Find out how your vibrational state affects choices and decisions, set intentions, make choices, get results using the Akashic Records!

Akashic Inner Light Reading

Work with your innate Inner Wisdom to connect with your Akashic Inner Light and discover strengths and abilities.$120




Interested in all three?

The Soul Star Reading includes a piece of work you will need to complete over a 21 day period. After that, the Energetic Goal Setting work takes places over a two to three month period, followed by the Akashic Inner Light Reading.

If you are ready to commit to the whole program, you can make a savings of $150 by booking all three programs for $440!
*Please note when you book this way, the payment option will show a time of 1 hour 15 minutes, that is just for the first appointment, not the whole series – we can schedule the rest of the work as we go.

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