I love Lee Harris’s monthly energetics reports!  Here’s the link to this month’s video plus a few highlighted points that I believe are very relevant.

Heart and Third Eye Chakras

Lee says

Heart and third eye are going to be opening very strongly this month.

So be prepared at the energetic level for awareness of these two energy centers.

This awareness for the heart could come in the form of

  • warmth, tapping, thumping and opening sensations
  • heart-based emotional issues such as relationship issues or things that are ‘close to the heart’
  • intensified feelings surrounding emotions.

The awareness for the third eye could come in the form of

  • more visions and psychic openings, lucid dreams
  • seeing existing relationships, situations, circumstances with greater clarity
  • literally feeling the third eye opening, with tapping, thumping sensations.

When we see or feel, we want to speak – but perhaps not in April!

Lee also mentions that

interestingly, that means that the throat is going to be a little strange this month as an experience. So communicating in April might be something that you don’t feel called to do very often at all, particularly those of you who are highly expressive people, those of you who are big communicators.  You either like to talk or you like to create. You might find that you “power down” on talking and creating in April, simply because you’re going through a reset.

I’m already feeling this month that I’d like a retreat of some kind.  It’s a busy month for me so I doubt I’ll be able to get even a day away, so I’ll have to make my retreats during the day.  I feel a strong pull just to be able to sit with a tree and stay there all day.  It’s great energetic work but hard for a mom of two young girls to do all day!

A few days ago I woke up with a really blocked throat for no apparent reason.  I used my go to Essential Oil (Respiratory Congestion, Young Living), rubbed it well in, ate some honey and sucked on a Ricola…all was well.

Remember sometimes we can get the ‘energy flu’ with energetics work

Those really odd illnesses that take us down for a day…or times when we have inexplicable symptoms that no test can discover are sometimes our body re-balancing energies, strange as it may sound.

Lee suggests aiming for peace this month

A good suggestion every month of course.  This month with Spring definitely Spring-ing (allergies are up, pollen is out, sap is rising…not to mention the birds) we need to make sure we stay as peaceful and balanced as possible.  I may well be heading off to my favorite acupuncturist for a seasonal treatment.

I have been struggling with this and feeling some excessive worry and concern.  It’s not always easy managing the energies of Spring weather in Wichita, especially with tornado threats.  I’ve starting drinking my Calm drink again (magnesium supplement) which I know I need, because it’s not making me feel sleepy.

Don’t worry about the other people

This part is a New Thought for me!

And if you are worrying about the other people, you’re not being completely honest with yourself; you’re not being honest with yourself about some part of you that doesn’t want to let it go. The indicator of this is that you’re so focused on them not letting it go.

Oooh.  Ouch.  OK.  Hadn’t thought of it THAT way before.  It’s true.  It’s so easy to point the finger at other people and say “look at that”.  I do need to work on my own growth and just leave everyone else alone.  After all, they all have their own Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones too and can connect to them anytime they want.  It’s really not up to me.  My job is to do my own work.