emotional triggers
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Emotional triggers? How to manage your energy when others trigger you

I believe we all have emotional triggers. Whether we generate them ourselves by our behavior or have them triggered by others, they can be an emotional landmine waiting to go off. How to manage our emotional triggers, especially if we are highly sensitive people or energetically sensitive or empathic? Discussion here.

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talents and abilities
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Talents and abilities hidden in your energy field

Just exactly what is a talent, or ability? And how can I go about finding mine? I discovered the Clifton Strengthsfinder model through a book called ‘Now, Discover Your Strengths’. I love the positive psychology embedded in this work and so went on to read their book about Strengths in Marriage, which can be applied to any relationship, marriage or otherwise. What are your hidden talents or abilities?

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Receive signs from your intuition and avoid interpretation

When you are developing your intuition, it’s easy to try and make intuitive signs fit your personal picture. Most of the time is better to wait for answers. This story demonstrates how intuitive signs can often be misinterpreted if we let our fancy and ideas run away with us. Often it’s better simply to wait for the clear answers.

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third eye
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How to open your third eye or be more clairvoyant or psychic

Recently I was asked to give a talk on a Facebook group about our third eye and becoming more clairvoyant. Being clairvoyant or ‘clear-seeing’ is an ability to see visions in the minds’ eye. Here are some exercises and a free podcast to help you grow your clairvoyant gifts. In ancient English this gift was called ‘scrying’.

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Personal Energy Practice
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Soul Coaching – to help you reconnect with the real you

A little while ago I asked a few clients what they thought I do. I have worked with clients consistently now for the last four years and from their comments I now know that some clients see me as..an Akashic Records Reader that woman who does ‘energy stuff’. Some clients come because they know I do Spiritual Mediumship work and want to be connected with their Loved Ones. I also teach some forms of meditation and self-care. One client summed it up and said “You do Coaching for the Soul – Soul Coaching”.

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