Connecting with your Loved Ones

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connecting with your Loved OnesConnecting with your Loved Ones – do you have Loved Ones who have passed?

 When our Loved Ones pass on, we miss them and we do our best to move through our grief.

In my experience we can never get ‘over’ it…we simply move through it.

Once you know the loss of a Loved One, you cannot ‘unknow’ it.  Try not to be too hard on others who (as yet) lack that understanding – it will come to them, in time.

Throughout my life I’ve had experiences which I believed most other people did, too

Noticing atmospheres in houses….feeling presences…connecting with my father after he passed…and my mother, too

I thought this was because I was sensitive or over-imaginative.

That is, until I got my confidence up after some very clear and validatable experiences with my husband’s family – that is, people that had passed and that I had never met or only met briefly – and I found an Online Coach that has practiced Spiritual Mediumship for over 20 years.

The first time we talked, she asked me to read for her and she had a deeply emotional reading.

The second time I read for other students…they told me they would have paid for the reading.

Since then I’ve completed my training and been encouraged to offer my services to those who find them a match…Connecting with Your Loved Ones.

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As a natural medium and empath…

  • I have a natural psychic ability
  • I can sense energies surrounding locations and people
  • People who have passed on contact me spontaneously and ask me to pass on messages
  • I can connect people in this life with their Loved Ones

As many natural mediums do for many years – I simply thought that everyone could somehow notice what I notice.

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