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I spent a number of years experiencing my intuitive gifts without completely accepting them. 

There is so much social pressure today to deny our intuitive gifts!

Your Intuitive Gifts
I drew this eye in a Shamanic workshop – it’s my personal symbol of the creator – wondering what intuitive gifts you can unlock?

I believe we all have intuitive gifts

I can work with you, by tapping into your energy field, to connect you with your intuitive gifts using your individual expression of your Personal Energy…one more step on the journey inward to connect with your Personal Energy Field.

Discover your ‘clairs’ – you have one or more of these gifts, often operating in tandem or unusual combinations – your unique intuitive gifts!

  • Clairaudience – clear hearing
  • Clairvoyance – clear seeing
  • Clairsentience – clear feeling – that ‘inner knowing’
  • Claircognizance – clear thinking or inspiration
  • Clairscent – clear smelling
  • Clairgustance – clear tasting
  • Clairtangency – clear touching (more commonly known as psychometry)
  • Clairempathy – clear emotion, empathy

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