Learning to access your intuition

Practice is Mastery, so one of my energy teachers always says. When learning how to develop our intuition, never a truer word was said.

We need to practice our intuitive abilities by seeing what we are open to receive. There are some other things we need to learn to look at also.

Learn to access your intuition by being open to looking stupid

During an intuitive or Akashic reading, there are often details that pop in which don’t relate to the reading at hand. Or at least, they don’t appear to at first look.

As the great Doreen Virtue says ‘Everything is a reading’ so always mention everything you get, no matter how small or insignificant the detail. It’s not for you to judge and popped in for a reason.

So stay open and be relaxed about relaying the oddest, tiniest detail.

Get yourself out of the way

However you do it, give your left brain a little mind-vacation and ask it to take your ego along.

Give them something to do, like worrying about a future issue somewhere over in a corner, making a list or something.

Your intuition will thank you for it!

Avoid interpreting your intuitive hits, they are information only

Give your intuitive hits time to ripen!

We love to make meaning of things because it’s what our brains do in order to process data.

We get excited when things seem to ‘fit’ and sometimes lose the import of the message in our need to get comfortable and cozy with new information.

I love this recent quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter.

Just an FYI: Try not to confuse accurate data with Politics. Politics is one’s reaction to data, not the data itself.

My house hunting story – intuition helps out

Here’s my example. When looking for a house to buy in Wichita, I got a ‘hit’ that we should be looking for houses with a sign that had twin birds out front.

The hit was ‘look for the twin birds and all will be OK‘.

So I looked around and became fixated on the signs at the entrance to a few different subdivisions. A lot of them had signs of birds at the entrance, one, in particular, had a sign with twin geese, which I was sure would be ‘it’.

So I bent myself over backward trying to find a house in that subdivision with no luck. Having intuitive gifts can tie us up in knots sometimes.

Finally, we found a house we loved in a different area, everything fit, so we moved in. About a year later I was standing at our mailbox and realized there were twin birds there all the time.

See photo below.


Sometimes when we get intuitive information, we try to turn it into data that fits and works our view of the world.

Yet this information is intuitive, it’s impossible to do that! Sometimes we just have to trust our intuition and let it give us the answers in its’ own good time.