New podcasts for your energy

New podcasts for your energy


New Podcasts New Energy

As part of the work I am developing, I’ve started published some podcasts via my blog at Mom on A Spiritual Journey and they are going very well!

The latest series is working through the 7 Cosmic Laws of Kryon, which are listed in this photo below.



Podcasts for each of the 7 Cosmic Laws

At time of writing this post, I have reached podcast (and law) number 4 – Everything that you learn spiritually in one expression carries over to the next.

I am thoroughly enjoying creating these podcasts and they are free for you to access!  So far the times are between 7 and 18 minutes long, so you can easily listen during your day, get a dose of Akashic Energy and then carry on with life here in 3D, as we all must do.

Kryon’s 7 Cosmic Laws from the perspective of the Akashic Records

As many of you know a large part of my energetics work is connected with accessing the Akashic Records, both for myself and for clients.  What I’ve been guided to do with these podcasts is to ask more about these 7 Cosmic Laws from the perspective of the Akashic Records.

During some of the podcasts I have accessed my own Akashic Records, during other podcasts I have been guided to open different sets of Records.  For example in the second podcast of the series, I was guided to access the Akashic Records of the Divinity of the planet to learn more about our profound divinity as humans.

During the 4th podcast of the series, I was guided to access the Akashic Records of the Gaian Crystal Cave, a location Kryon refers to a lot in his channelings and readings.  Many believe we pass through this energetic center as we leave the planet, recording our doings here to add to the energetic wisdom of Gaia.

The information received feels wonderful and is relatively easy to absorb, given the potentially esoteric nature of the subject matter.

I hope you’ll take a moment to listen to some of the podcasts and share them if you enjoy them.

In the light!


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