Privacy Policy at New World Energetics with Sarah

Privacy Policy for Email Signup

Nobody likes spam, and neither do I.  I don’t like finding emails in my inbox that I either didn’t sign up for or can’t remember signing up for!  It’s just bad energy and not the New Way of doing business that so many of us are working towards.

I use Mail Chimp

So, I use Mail Chimp as my email service provider.  They are a big provider and as such, keep everyone informed (including business owners like me) with the latest requirements about privacy.

As such I get updated regularly and act on what they say, or I wouldn’t have a list to work with.

What happens when you sign up for this list?

When you sign up for this list, you will receive an email with a free PDF download, if you would like it.  After that, you’ll receive welcome emails and other regular emails from me.

If you don’t want to continue on my list, please unsubscribe at any time.

Mail Chimp automatically removes your name from my main list as soon as you unsubscribe so that no more emails are received.

If you are from the European Union (I work with clients globally, since Energy is everywhere), then you might be getting used to seeing more checkboxes when you sign up for emails.

A more detailed list of activity

If you’d like to read more detailed marketing permissions, please use the (not so pretty) form here.

The above form tells you in detail how I will be connecting with you because you honored me by sharing an email address.

Thank you for reading!  I aim to provide an Energetic Service as a Personal Energy Coach and operate my business in the New Energy.

In service

Sarah Lawrence