Reincarnation – do we reincarnate on other worlds as well as this one?

This very interesting question about reincarnation came up on my Quora Profile this month.

The exact question was

If one is reincarnated upon death, and there are other worlds, even worlds impossibly remote, could one reincarnate on a far off world as something not human? Would they have any memories of their other state?

In my experience, this is a question that many people bump up against at some point.  This will often happen if we begin to question the nature of consciousness in any way.

Aliens AND past lives?  That was definitely not for me!

When I first began to learn energy work, I could relate very well to the concept of chakras.  I could feel energy moving.  I was able to help myself and others by tuning into sensations of heat and cold from a clients’ chakras.  This enabled me to assist with wellness, energy balance or emotional release during energy sessions.

My teacher at the time encouraged me to think about beings from other worlds as part of my study.  That was in 1996.   Then, it was a definite no-no for me!  Chakras and body energy, now that I could understand.  Beings from other dimensions or galaxies – no, thank you.

After a few more years of practice and study, I started to have different energetic experiences of my own.

Reincarnation could be a different way of experiencing consciousness

Considering reincarnation, let alone the concept of other lives as aliens or off-worlders is a leap too far for many.  I get it.  When considering such concepts, I believe it’s important to review our own personal frames of reference.  How we choose to view the world presently sets up perceptual filters which can affect our ability to change beliefs.

As a practitioner who understood body energy in those early days, I was very open to feeling, sensing and seeing energy.

Due to continued growth and study and my energetic opening to the Akashic Records in 2010, I now operate from a different frame of reference.

I regularly have experiences of meeting other beings psychically, in dreams and during meditations.  Is this just my imagination?  Or could it be a shift in vibrational awareness that is connecting me not only to other forms of existence, but also other worlds?

What is your frame of reference when considering reincarnation and other-worldly beings?

I would suggest that, if you are bothering to read this article then you are at the very least curious.

Because we are incarnated into 3rd density bodies on Planet Earth (3D), we perceive consciousness in a specific way.

Is that the only way it’s perceived just because we see it that way?  On our planet alone, consciousness manifests in many different forms, from an octopus to an insect and in so many more ways than just those two examples.

Why should the rest of the Universe be any different?

Edgar Cayce, a famous Akashic Records Reader in the ’30s and ‘40s, was able to read the Akashic Records diagnostically for clients.

Whether the client was present in the room or available for reading remotely, Cayce was able to lay down on a couch, put himself in a trance and connect with the clients’ Akashic Records.

Edgar Cayce’s world view

Edgar Cayce’s view was that we had periods of time off-planet as spirits ‘in-between lives’.  He also believed that our Souls traveled to other planets, to learn about new forms of wisdom and spirituality in between physical Earth incarnations.

Cayce’s world view was that of a devout Christian man in the ‘40s. He undertook to read the Bible once for each year of his life. That was his frame of reference, so he experienced his opening to other forms of consciousness through the lens of life on Earth only.  He also viewed his Akashic experiences from the perspective of devout Christianity.

I would ask you to look at the question of reincarnation from the other end of the telescope if you like. Is it possible that the way we view consciousness is the only way consciousness works in the Universe?  Consider your current frame of reference when mulling over this question.

Back to the original question…

If one is reincarnated upon death, and there are other worlds, even worlds impossibly remote, could one reincarnate on a far off world as something not human? Would they have any memories of their other state?

When I consider questions like the one above, I find it helpful to formulate other questions around it.  It helps us to process cosmic energy rather than just ‘zen out’.

Is it possible that there are beings in other dimensions who experience completely different forms of consciousness than humans?

When we consider other dimensional realities, we are not alone.   The development of quantum physics theories suggests that consciousness must exist in other forms and in other dimensions.

In modern times, we are beginning to understand that many spiritual and religious themes are universal.  Christianity as it stands today, or even Buddhism, or the Muslim faith, may simply be interpretations of a higher consciousness that cannot be contained by one religion, faith or set of beliefs.

If you are extremely religious, then the above paragraph may seem outrageously heretical.  I’m not here to offend anybody, however, or attempt to change anyone’s beliefs.

I am simply discussing the nature of consciousness.

Reincarnated lifetimes in other parts of the solar system?

When I give Soul Star Readings, I regularly find from clients’ Akashic Records that they may have spent other lifetimes in other parts of our solar system.

A few clients have even traveled from our closest galaxy, Andromeda, to be here to experience life in a human body.

Often, when I read information from the clients’ Records, they will have some kind of a memory of their past lives, whether it is personality-based or emotionally felt.  It’s a very enlightening experience for many.  ‘Mind-blowing’ is a phrase I hear often during readings!

The real question for me is, are we ready as a human race to expand OUR consciousness to meet these new paradigms?

On this planet, we are still struggling to treat each other as equals when we are different colors and different sexes.  How will we begin to manage when we discover we have been completely different people in other lifetimes?  Even completely different races on other planets?

That, in my view, is one of the main reasons why we embark upon a spiritual journey in the first place.  We are here to evolve our consciousness.

I hope you enjoyed my view from the other end of the telescope!