Silence as a Spiritual Practice – Mom On A Spiritual Journey Blog

Silence as a Spiritual Practice – Mom On A Spiritual Journey Blog


SuperSoulSunday is starting a new season tomorrow – from Mom On A Spiritual Journey

It’s one of my favorite things on TV, one of the few things I’ll watch live if I can and not on my DVR.

Tomorrow Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams, authors of Running with Nature, are discussing a key to being present in your life, that of silence, or the practice of silent being.

They created an excellent printable checklist link here.

Now before any of you Spiritual Moms/Dads Carers chuckle too loudly…

Thought I’d submit my own version to take into account family life. I’ll leave any mental pictures that may arise up to you!

Seriously, though, silence is just as important for Moms, Dads and Carers as it is for anyone else on their life path, perhaps even more so.

Activities Checklist: Live Silence – Parents/Carers version

  • Sit silently for 2 minutes before breakfast in the morning. Reality check – (Even if it’s ONLY two minutes, it will still count, 2 minutes is a long time when you sit truly quietly). This is after you have…walked the dog if you have one, fed the cat and made the school lunches. The kids won’t be up though, it’s a school day!
  • Go outside for a walking meditation in the morning. Reality check – it may just be to get the paper off the driveway or take the dog out for its’ business, but be mindful and if you only have 10 minutes it’ll still be restorative.
  • Do find at least one or two occasions to stop what you are doing, find a quiet place (even if it’s the laundry room), shut your eyes and empty your mind. Breathe, mindfully or not. If you find yourself on the front step with a piece of wet celery in your hands and you don’t know how you got there…then it’s time to stop!
  • Create a sacred space that reflects you. A small altar is always nice, even if it’s just a shelf in your kitchen.
  • Daily routines – finding quiet mindfulness – not easy on the parenting journey. I find nose-breathing helps enormously, even if chattering is going on around you!
  • Sit and watch the sun go down, or the first stars come out, or the trees near your house move in the wind. Just grab the time and do it!
  • Meditation – the way I see it is if you get 2 minutes a day, I’ll give you a million points! 10 minutes a day – you are a star – 20 minutes – I bow to your superior time management.
  • I love the driving idea on their list – I purposely leave the radio off on my solo drives to school or sporting events. It makes a difference – try it. And no phoning or texting either. My car is still a no-phone zone.
  • Check out this article on other simple ways to meditate!
  • Technology free – we don’t have a TV in our upstairs kitchen or living room, and we all like it that way. The girls only have time for TV after school if they’ve done their homework.

If you manage ANYTHING on this list oh parents – a million points to you!

I love silent practice. It’s a beautiful thing. I’d hate for any parents to miss out just because they can’t manage 20 minutes of meditation per day. Even 2 minutes count!

Over to you readers!

Did you enjoy this article? Here’s the link to my Mom On a Spiritual Journey Blog. See you soon on the Journey.


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