Which Soul Growth Reading should I pick?

Which of the 4 Soul Growth Readings should I pick?

There are 4 types of Soul Growth Readings available.

You can choose from

  • A Soul Star Reading – 1-hour 15 minutes including questions (Sarah reads your Akashic Records remotely for about 45 minutes before your call)
  • Spirit Guide Reading – 1-hour (again requires time for Sarah to read your Akashic Records remotely beforehand)
  • Chakra Reading – 1-hour (Sarah reads your chakras remotely for about 45 minutes before you connect online)
  • A Stargate Reading – a 1-hour reading connecting via Skype or phone.

Below you’ll see a guide to help you choose which Soul Growth Reading will work best for you.

soul star mapping

Want a really in-depth reading at the Soul Level? Time for the Soul Star Reading

The Soul Star Reading

What is involved in a Soul Star Reading?

This reading is created remotely (takes about an hour with some personal details from you).  Then the details are transmitted to you during a 1-hour call.

It sounds weird, but it works and creates very accurate results!

Once Sarah has created the reading, you will connect with her via Skype (newworldenergetics) or phone at 1-316 247 4144 and receive the reading, which you can record if you would like.

The Soul Star Reading is split into 3 parts.

  • The Soul Journey – information about the nature of your Soul, including your Soul level personality
  • Your Soul Story – a Past Life story (sometimes two combined) which is most relevant to your journey at present
  • A Soul Clearing – an in-depth explanation of the reasons for any blocks and restrictions in your life currently

After the Soul Star Reading, you will complete a 21-day clearing Prayer to confirm the clearing of any blocks and restrictions.

2. Spirit Guide Reading

What is a Spirit Guide Reading?

A Spirit Guide Reading is more in-depth than a General Akashic Reading.  It also is a very helpful follow on reading from the Soul Star Reading, once you have completed your 21-day prayer process.

What is involved in a Spirit Guide Reading?

In this type of Intuitive Reading, Sarah will connect with your Inner Circle of Spirit Guides and help you to discover

  • Your Spirit Guides’ names, appearances, and vibrational status.
  • The Spirit Guides’ roles as part of your Guidance Team
  • Which methods each Guide uses to contact you.

3. Chakra Reading

What is a Chakra Reading?

Chakra Readings are also very useful to have as part of the Akashic Readings Cycle.  This type of reading can help you understand where your energy is out of balance and how you have got stuck.’

Gain clarity with chakra readings and receive a to-do list!

Having an energy session where your chakras are balanced can be a wonderful experience.

However, if you go home afterward and carry on with the same old behaviors that caused the chakra imbalance in the first place, that won’t be of help to you.   Soon your chakras will go back to their old imbalanced setups because you haven’t changed your energetic posture.

It’s somewhat like having regular chiropractic for your back, but still slumping and slouching and sitting in the same old lumpy chair.  You will feel good for a while, but then you will feel uncomfortable again!

Experience regular chakra readings to help you understand how to keep your energy flowing.

When having a chakra reading, it’s important to include the 8th chakra in the process.  In case you are wondering where it is, the 8th chakra resides in your Personal Energy Field, between 12-24 inches above your head!

4. The Stargate Reading


At a Kryon Summerlight conference three years ago, I experienced a deeply meditative experience with something called the Stargate, and knew immediately that I had to work with this process more!

What is a Stargate Reading?

This is my Stargate.  The original Stargate was created by a spiritual practitioner called Prageet Harris. (TheStargateExperience.com).

I’ve noticed that clients working with me face-to-face have unusual reactions to the Stargate, just like I do.

At a recent meditation retreat in Mount Shasta, it was possible to feel the energies of specific Ascended Masters and  Guides as Prageet introduced the Stargate meditation process.  Some examples were Archangel Michael, St Germain and Kwan Yin.

After these powerful experiences, I decided to work with the Stargate. I bought my own Stargate so that I can meditate with it and introduce it to clients!

During the Stargate Reading, I’ll introduce you to the meditation process after we have opened your Akashic Records.

People have very interesting and enlightening experiences with this Soul Growth Reading, even remotely.

The Guidance given during the Reading will then be sent as a list, so you can follow up and take actions as you wish.

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