Spirit Guide Reading

What is a Spirit Guide Reading?

A Spirit Guide Reading is more in-depth than a General Akashic Reading.  It also is a very helpful follow on reading from the Soul Star Reading, once you have completed your 21-day prayer process.

What is involved in a Spirit Guide Reading

In this type of Intuitive Reading, Sarah will connect with your Inner Circle of Spirit Guides and help you to discover

  • Your Spirit Guides’ names, appearances, and vibrational status.
  • The Spirit Guides’ roles as part of your Guidance Team
  • Which methods each Guide uses to contact you.

How can this information from my Spirit Guides help me?

Becoming more connected with your Spirit Guides will help you when it comes to asking for guidance on your journey.

Spirit Guides are not here to tell you what ‘to do’.   Their main function as spirits who have been embodied on Earth before is to be in service to their own Divine Self-Expression by guiding you to manifest yours, too!

So they can guide you on your way, using their special talents, skills, and abilities to help attract what you need it when you need it.

This reading also includes…

  • Discovering how each of your Spirit Guides expresses their energy.  This will enable you to understand their individual skills, talents and abilities and how they combine with yours. 
  • If you have any Special Assignment Guides who are with you for the time being, and their reasons for being added to your circle.
  • Channeled messages from your Guides to help you forward on your journey.

How can I book a Spirit Guide Reading?

  1. You can go ahead a book a Spirit Guide Reading using the link here or at the top or the bottom of this page.
  2. Then Sarah will message you and ask for certain information so that she can read your Akashic Records remotely.  This process can take up to an hour.
  3. Once Sarah has compiled your information, you can connect with her via Skype at ‘newworldenergetics‘, or via phone at 1-(316) 247 4144, and listen to your information.  You can take notes if you like, and record the reading if you wish.  This will take 1 hour including any questions you may have.

Thank you for teaching me the Akashic Records!

The practice has become a part of my life and I can’t imagine life without the Records. Between Reiki and the Records, I feel pretty solid with life. Thank you, Sarah. 

Jan Barrett Blazek

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