Energetic Integrity
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What is Energetic Integrity?

What is Energetic Integrity? Well often, we know what it isn’t! We sometimes know when other people are lying, something is ‘off’ about them or their body language is incongruent with their inner energetic intentions. How can we know this? Because of our own Energetic Integrity, or lack of it — we resonate with, or against the energy of the person we are observing. To learn more…read on…

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emotional triggers
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Emotional triggers? How to manage your energy when others trigger you

I believe we all have emotional triggers. Whether we generate them ourselves by our behavior or have them triggered by others, they can be an emotional landmine waiting to go off. How to manage our emotional triggers, especially if we are highly sensitive people or energetically sensitive or empathic? Discussion here.

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Universal Karmic Law – You can’t take energy from others without consequence

Here is the first energetic Karmic Law explained. You can’t take energy from others by osmosis without some form of Karmic payment to the Universe. Read on to learn how this can happen, and what you may need to do to change the effect of this energetic Karmic Law on you and others.

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talents and abilities
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Talents and abilities hidden in your energy field

Just exactly what is a talent, or ability? And how can I go about finding mine? I discovered the Clifton Strengthsfinder model through a book called ‘Now, Discover Your Strengths’. I love the positive psychology embedded in this work and so went on to read their book about Strengths in Marriage, which can be applied to any relationship, marriage or otherwise. What are your hidden talents or abilities?

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Light beings waiting to be unwrapped

We are all light beings waiting to be unwrapped. The wrappings are old thought forms, inherited DNA and blocks and restrictions that may hold us back. We can drop these old wrappings, clear karma and move forward on our journey.

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