What is clairaudience (clear hearing)

Clairaudience, or ‘clear-hearing’, is the ability to…

1. hear inspirational thoughts (from a person’s own intuitional functioning) or

2. to be able to hear messages from Spirit Guides, the Third Language or other disembodied Spirits or Entities directly,

3. Communicate telepathically – it’s also possible that telepaths can ‘hear’ information first before receiving telepathically transmitted information as a vision or feeling next, for example.

1. Clairaudience through Inspirational Thoughts

The function of being inspired can come from many directions. If we are highly auditory learners, then we may hear information from our own internal dialogue first, before we see or feel it.

So if you are an auditory learner, you may be highly clairaudient!

Auditory learners like to doodle when learning because it helps them to process.  They may not always look directly at a speaker (but really are paying attention).  They may also turn their dominant ear to the speaker or information source with a tilt of the head.

We may hear inspirational thoughts as music, rhythm or of course words. Some people (myself included) are literally hearing the thoughts being spoken internally when writing and noting them down.

Sometimes this intuitive brain-mind-body-based process is outside of our conscious awareness but once you notice it, you cannot go back!

2. Clairaudience from Spirit Guides, Akashic Guides or the Third Language

Sometimes intuition can come from a ‘muse’ or outside source. This is because we can all access the fourth-density or dimension (4D) by activating certain states of mind.

The fourth dimension or 4D thoughtforms can also be referred to as group consciousness.   The fourth dimension is an energetic realm.   Edgar Cayce, a famous Akashic Records Reader in the ’30s and ’40s called 4D “the realm of ideas”.

The realm of ideas is the reason why sometimes inventors on one side of the globe create something identical to inventors on the other side of the planet. The realm of ideas has an idea that has reached a tipping point, so it is manifested in two places at once.

These ideas can be received by our Personal Energy Fields when we receive the information as an energetic download or as a thought form. This is because we have ‘tuned’ ourselves to receive by focusing on a desired idea or outcome and a certain possibility or probability trajectory.

When we begin to daydream and attune our minds to an idea in formation, the information is there for the taking. (In formation? Geddit?). 🙂

Spirit Guides or Akashic Guides

Spirit Guides may contact us with different voices (most of us have 5 or 6 in our inner circle). I have some male as well as female spirit guides. Also, some will get my attention by making my ears ring!

During Akashic Reading work, I can hear clients’ Akashic Guides or Spirit Guides speaking to me, but only because the client has given me permission to do so. We can’t go around listening in to other people’s guides (and why would we want to?).  No need to generate any more karma than we already have.

The Third Language

The Third Language is a term coined by Lee Carroll, who has channeled Kryon for thirty years now (Kryon.com).

When we hear the Third Language, we will hear it in our own voice (the same as our outside speaking voice) but it will be messages from Spirit coming in through our Higher Self, which you can think of as your Wifi or Broadband connection to the 8th Chakra above your head (Akashic Soul Star) and your Soul-level self.

The first time I heard the Third Language, it was at my first Kryon Channeling.   As I listened to Lee channeling, I heard a different voice in my head (which was mine) adding information to the information Lee was bringing through.  A few years later, reading another channeling of Lee’s online, I discovered an explanation of what was happening to me.

3. Telepathy as Clairaudience

People can experience telepathy in different ways. I can sometimes ‘hear’ a thought as clear as day in my head. The way this manifests can again depend upon your intuitive strengths and learning style.

As an auditory learner, words are important to me so that is the channel I tune into first when receiving energetic data.

Telepathy is very common between family members or couples who are intimate emotionally.

Telepathy can, of course, come in through pictures or feelings as well as sound, or a combination of all three. My daughter is very visual (she’s an artist), so often when she’s in the car with me, I’ll see a picture of what she’d like me to get for her for dinner!

Clairaudient telepathy will be received as your voice or the other’s voice, as you intentionally or inadvertently match the other person’s frequency and are open to receiving.

It’s also fun to practice telepathy with a good friend or partner!


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