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Life Themes are a way to access the stored energy of your Past Lives

A Life Theme or Life Themes are repeating cycles of circumstances, situations, or issues that appear in more than one life as you navigate your experiences here on Earth.

As an incarnated Soul, you will have a Life Theme that arises in many lifetimes.

Life Themes will arise either because you have karma to work off, or because the Life Theme is an expression of your Divine Soul Blueprint.

Take your time, look through all the images and then select a maximum of two Life Themes. You can discover the Life Theme and message by clicking the plus symbol next to the Life Theme number.

What can I learn here?

A Life Lesson or Theme reflects the energy of how we are expressing ourselves in the world.


new beginnings

Theme 0
This is the New Beginnings Theme.  You may be in a place where you need to start over or are at a crossroads.  Perhaps you keep finding yourself in this place – there may be Past Life Karma to clear if this is a repeating cycle for you.


life theme

Theme 1
You chose the Awareness Theme.  You have all the tools to need to create an amazing life, and you have been offered this opportunity in past lifetimes also.   Are you making the choices which will help you fully utilize all your skills this time around?

Theme 2
This is the Intuition Theme.  In this life (or possibly many Past Lives) you have a very active intuition which is asking to be used and developed).  People might even call you psychic!

Theme 3
This Theme is Fertility.  This can be fertility in the literal sense, but also the creative sense.  You have planted seeds or are giving birth to an idea.  If you feel stuck but really want to create something new, then clearing may need to be done around this issue for you.

Theme 4
Authority is the Theme which goes along with this image.  This means you need to embrace your inner masculine qualities and become your own Inner Authority.  If this has been a repeated struggle for you, or you have issues with authority, then this will have been a repeating life theme in Past Lives.

Theme 5
This is the Wisdom Theme.  Look for spiritual teachers or a spiritual group where you can experience the Wisdom of others, as well as sharing your own Wisdom.  It’s important to find a group that will both listen and receive.  In Past Lives, you may have been a spiritual teacher or learned from an Ascended Master or enlightened group of people.

Theme 6
This is the Harmony Theme.  This life theme calls to the nature of your relationships.  If you are in a Soul Partnership of some kind (intimate, work-related or friendship), then continue to nurture this relationship since it will harmonize with your spiritual growth.  If you feel that you are still on the search for that Soul connection, then Past Life clearing could help you to resonate differently.

Theme 7
This is the Triumph Life Theme.  Triumph comes when all is in alignment, your resources, skills, abilities and the community of supporters you have around you.  If you struggle to triumph in your endeavors, then there may be recurring karmic cycles to review so that triumph can be yours!

Theme 8
Power is the Theme represented by this image.  Are you fully aligned with your inner spiritual, emotional and physical power?  You can change your choices to empower yourself at any time if you don’t feel powerful enough.  If you’re not sure where to start, there are probably Past Life issues which are preventing full expression of your power in this life.

Theme 9
This is the Life Theme of Solitude.  To be fully effective, you need solitude and quiet to tune into your Soul and to recharge.  Do you do this regularly?  If you haven’t made time in your present life for solitude, then now would be a good time to start.  This could also mean that – if you are drawn to solitude – you have been in places and times where solitude was of benefit to you in a Past Life.

Theme 10
Destiny is your chosen Theme.  When you align with your destiny in life, the impossible becomes possible.  If you are not quite there yet, consider what adjustments may need to be made in your life, relationships or career.  What destinies did you fulfill in your Past Lives, and how can you mine these golden resources in your present life?

Theme 11
This figure eight shape extends throughout our Personal Energy Field, or Lattice.   When both giving and receiving are in Balance, we can manifest in great harmony.  The Law of Manifestation also responds to these figure 8 requests into our future.  If you are not manifesting as you would like, your energy can be rebalanced and cleared.

Theme 12
This energetic pattern represents the Life Theme of Sacrifice.  The central light of change empowers a release and shift in the whole structure.  If you can learn to step back and let go without controlling the outcome, then the sacrifice will all be worth it.  This is a theme that may take many lifetimes to learn.

Theme 13
This is the Transformation Theme.  Transformation is here and making sudden abrupt changes whether you like it or not.  Transformation is the way your Soul expresses change in life.  Reconnect at the Soul Level to embrace the transformation that is coming.

Theme 14
Patience is something that we all need in today’s modern society, since so many of us are overstimulated.  If the Patience Theme is coming up for you, then you need to exert Patience in all your endeavors.  If you have a tendency to want to skip the small steps, then Patience is aTheme to consider.

Theme 15
This theme is Temptation. If you have a tendency to pull away from being in the body and over-indulge in addictive behaviors, then this life theme may be present for you. Begin to reconnect with your Divine Soul Blueprint to release unnecessary temptation from your life.

Theme 16
This life theme – Disruption – represents a sudden, unexpected change or shift that is coming your way. Has your life been a series of these? The energy of this Theme is similar to ‘The Tower’ Card in Tarot.

Theme 17
This is the Hope Theme. Do your best to work towards enlightenment, whatever that means to you. Hope is the lamp that lights the way. Align with hopeful thoughts, visualizations and actions to connect with this Theme.

Theme 18
This is the Shadow Theme. Embracing your deepest emotions and the shadow side of you is connected to this Life Theme. Remember to use your intuition to decide what to do when your shadows make themselves known.

Theme 19
This is the Light Theme. Dark only exists because Light is the illuminator. When you have the Light Theme present, you may have been a leader in many lifetimes, and are being asked to lead in some way this time around.

Theme 20
The Truth will always find us out. The Truth Theme is always a signal that a spiritual awakening of some kind is imminent. Make changes in your life that resonate with your personal Truth and new truths that you are learning.

life theme

Theme 21
Are you ‘Universing’? The Universe Life Theme indicates a Soul who has put in the work, has identified their gifts, talents, and abilities– and who is ready to bring this energy into manifestation. Universe away!


Inspired by John Hollands Psychic Tarot Deck and the Akashic Tarot