Energetic Goal Setting – your personality quiz

energetic goal setting

1. When I am thinking about moving forward, I...

2. I believe that change is...

3. Which of these three choices usually make me feel like taking action?

4. When you are about to act, which of the following activities most appeal to you?

5. What is the most common way for you to get stuck in your comfort zone?

6. Which energetic technique is your most common go-to when working on creating change?

7. How often do I get stuck for too long in the planning stage?

8. What do you believe the future is made of?

Energetic Goal Setting - your personality quiz
You are new to Energetic Goal Setting

You may find making new decisions and choices quite difficult. It's OK! Not many of us have EVER been taught how to set goals energetically, using our own Personal Energy as a guide. Change is not easy, and whether we like it or not, it's here to stay, as the saying goes. Consider having an Energetic Goal Setting Reading so that you can discover your own karmic flexibility when it comes to goal setting and making changes effectively from this point forward. We have both Soul Level and 3D level (daily life) goal setting abilities. Learning to get both to work in tandem will get you moving forward and feeling more comfortable very soon.
You are getting results energetically but sometimes are not quite sure how you did it!

So, you may think a lot about creating new future goals but perhaps you haven't been as effective as you'd like to be more of the time? Maybe you achieve some great things but wonder how you got there? Perhaps sometimes also you get stuck in the planning stage. Consider an Energetic Goal Setting Reading with Sarah to really get things moving. Our Goal Setting abilities are in fact Karmic - which means that our Soul Level energy and our daily lives affect us in mysterious ways. That is why sometimes it's so easy for you to manifest...and yet at other times it's a complete mystery to you.
You are manifesting a lot, and quite quickly, but could do with more focus

Well done - you spend a lot more time crossing that sea of potentials than most because you know how to take action...or you have thought really hard about this quiz because you want to break through the last of the blocks which seem to mess with your focus? Or, I made the quiz too easy! (Joke). Whatever the reason, this area interests you and you may have thought about it more than most. Consider having an Energetic Goal Setting Reading with Sarah - find out about your karmic ability to move forward and how to check in quickly -- know for sure that your actions will move you towards the results that you desire. You are already a go-getter Goal Setter, if you want to refine your energetic tools and make them even more effective, then you are in the right place.

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