10 elements of our Personal Energy Field

Our Personal Energy – what is in there? After more than 18 years of work and study I can say with some authority that we do have an energy field. The relatively new field of energy psychology can demonstrate to us that working with energy is good for our health. But what is our personal […]

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New World Energetics

New World Energetics

New World Energetics – a guided name I originally named this site New World Energetics because of spiritual guidance. As a clair-audient, I heard the name and wrote it down. On and off, I’ve wondered if I had the right name for the work I’m doing. Thought bubbles up One of the ways I’ve been […]

Personal Energy Coaching

5 benefits of Personal Energy Coaching   Recently updated !

Personal Energy Coaching – 5 benefits Personal Energy Coaching? Iin the very new field of New Energy Psychology, clients initially ask me about the benefits of having a session. In this post I have picked two of the sessions or readings that I give and list 5 benefits of each. The two sessions I have […]

How is an Akashic Records Reading different than a Psychic Reading? 1   Recently updated !

Akashic Records Reading vs a Psychic Reading – what’s the difference? A potential client recently asked me about the different between an Akashic Records Reading, versus a Psychic Reading. Great question! To answer the questionI believe an Akashic Records reading is VERY different from a psychic reading. My experiences (so far) of giving and receiving […]

Akashic Record

spirit guides

How our spirit guides can contact us 1

Our Spirit Guides I often have clients contact me when they are interested in contacting their spirit guides as part of their spiritual awakening process. This comes about for them as an awareness that there may be ‘someone there’. Often during that falling asleep/waking up process where the brain is shifting through Alpha/Theta waves, people […]