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“Your Personal Energy Field is unique to you, containing all the wisdom and lessons you have collected from many lifetimes.”

Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence Personal Energy Coach, New World Energetics

Why learn about Personal Energy?

Your Personal Energy is an amazing resource

We all have a Personal Energy Field, but what do most of us know about our own Energy Field, or even others?

Use New World Energetics to discover more about your own Personal Energy - your personal resource for Growth and Spiritual Development.

Soul Star Reading

You have a right to learn more about your Personal Energy Field

Our Personal Energy is made up of many elements, some of which are still being discovered as we all grow and evolve here on planet Earth.

You have inherited your Personal Energy Field, just like your DNA, it is special and personal to you!  You have a right to learn more and benefit from the knowledge.

Work with Sarah at New World Energetics, learn more about you.

Becoming aware of our Personal Energy helps us to grow

Have you ever wondered why certain things hold you back, or you find yourself stuck in destructive cycles?

Perhaps you have also wondered how you 'just know' some things that you know, or where certain gifts come from?

The answers are stored in your Personal Energy Field.

New - a new way of thinking

World - globalize your findings in your own Personal Energy field, affect others by your new resonance

Energetics - become aware of your Personal Energetics choose New Energy, New Ideas and New Programs and effect powerful change

What happens when you learn to connect with your Personal Energy?


develop your intuition

Perhaps you are ready to grow your intuition, or to increase your current awareness?  Intuition is all about energy, so learning more about your Personal Energy will sharpen your intuition.

certain people

understand your relationships better

Perhaps some of your relationships work well - but others don't?  Learn how the knowledge stored within your Personal Energy can affect you and others.


discover your most effective spiritual tools

Everyone has a personal spiritual skill set.  Discover yours, and experience a fuller and more joyful spiritual life.

get creative with your ideas

You have hidden talents and abilities - we all do.  Start activating some of yours so that you can use them today!

4 More benefits of working with your Personal Energy

Learn to connect with your Personal Energy field

Become more mindful of your Personal Energy, how it affects you, and how to disconnect or connect with others.

You Personal Energy is a vast repository of information stored by an Energetic mechanism called the Akashic Records.  You can learn so much from this data and it's all yours!

Use Sarah's New World Energetics approaches and methods to strengthen the connections to your Soul.


Learn more about your Life Purpose and Soul Purpose

Why am I here?  What is my Soul Purpose?  These are two of the most common questions that clients ask me.  Are you ready to learn more?


Learn about your Past Lives

Think of your Soul as a data stream of Personal Energy, with the Akashic Records managing access to your experiences from Past Lives.  What do you want to know?


Find out about your Soul's history and clear blocks and restrictions

We can create Karma for ourselves and suffer from energy blocks and restrictions.  Learn more about your personal energy and begin to release blocks!


Learn how to consciously co-create your future

'The Secret' was a big consciousness shift for many but was really only half the story.  We can create a new Energetic connection with our future using Energetic Goal Setting!

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Learn with Sarah Lawrence, Personal Energy Coach

 Sarah Lawrence 

 Personal Energy Coach 


Sarah is an excellent teacher!  Her teaching style is very down to earth, she is full of compassion and has a wealth of spiritual knowledge to share.  Priya Shah.

My Soul Star reading from Sarah was absolutely a-ma-zing!!!!   It clarified so many things for me, answered questions I've had for a long time........and it was spot on in every single aspect.  Jaci Sivley

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Learn more about you and your Personal Energy

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Sarah Lawrence is Brit abroad currently living in Wichita, KS, USA.

She fully embraced her intuitive gifts in her mid-thirties and has been giving intuitive readings from the Akashic Records for clients since 2010.  

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Although Sarah is trained and authentic, she is unable to guarantee specific results, outcomes, or healing. Please consider this a site for entertainment and personal growth and development purposes only.