Universal Calibration Lattice
The Akashic Records and our light grid…or UCL (Universal Calibration Lattice) My spiritual journey had led me on a number of interesting paths…from the study of crystals, to reflexology for health and then into energy work with the EMF Balancing Technique. While learning this technique I was instructed in the activation of certain energetic templates […]

How an Akashic Records Reading affects our energy field

The EMF Balancing Technique
 How to define the energy between two people in a relationship?  ZimZum or Third Lattice?   As an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner I have been taught about the fact that all of us have a lattice or electromagnetic field surrounding us.  It has a center above 24 inches about the head, a center below 24 […]

The Third Lattice and ZimZum or the space between two people

Your Intuitive Gifts
Our Personal Energy – what is in there? After more than 18 years of work and study I can say with some authority that we do have an energy field. The relatively new field of energy psychology can demonstrate to us that working with energy is good for our health. But what is our personal […]

10 elements of our Personal Energy Field

New World Energetics
New World Energetics – a guided name I originally named this site New World Energetics because of spiritual guidance. As a clair-audient, I heard the name and wrote it down. On and off, I’ve wondered if I had the right name for the work I’m doing. Thought bubbles up One of the ways I’ve been […]

New World Energetics

Personal Energy Practice
Coaching for your Soul? A little while ago I asked a few clients what they thought I do.  I have worked with clients consistently now for the last four years and from their comments I now know that some clients see me as… – An Akashic Records Reader Other clients see me as… – that […]

Soul Coaching – to help you reconnect with the real you

Personal Energy Coaching
Personal Energy Coaching – 5 benefits Personal Energy Coaching? Iin the very new field of New Energy Psychology, clients initially ask me about the benefits of having a session. In this post I have picked two of the sessions or readings that I give and list 5 benefits of each. The two sessions I have […]

5 benefits of Personal Energy Coaching

Akashic Record 1
Akashic Records Reading vs a Psychic Reading – what’s the difference? A potential client recently asked me about the different between an Akashic Records Reading, versus a Psychic Reading. Great question! To answer the questionI believe an Akashic Records reading is VERY different from a psychic reading. My experiences (so far) of giving and receiving […]

How is an Akashic Records Reading different than a Psychic Reading?

spirit guides 1
Our Spirit Guides I often have clients contact me when they are interested in contacting their spirit guides as part of their spiritual awakening process. This comes about for them as an awareness that there may be ‘someone there’. Often during that falling asleep/waking up process where the brain is shifting through Alpha/Theta waves, people […]

How our spirit guides can contact us

Akashic Foundations
The Akashic Records If you’ve visited this site before, you’ll know that I read the Akashic Records for clients. Previously an arena of spiritual practice only for mystics, scholars and secret societies, more and more people are embarking on their own spiritual journeys and beginning to hear about the Akashic Records, perhaps even booking a […]

Akashic Foundations Akashic Records Coaching available via Skype – new!

Your Intuitive Gifts
Learning NLP™ During my mid-thirties I was introduced to the work of Richard Bandler, one of the co-creators of NLP (stands for Neuro-linguistic programming). Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, or NLP™, for short, is hard to explain in a few sentences. What I can tell you about it from my experience is that it helps us to learn… […]

How to use NLP with Spiritual Work

Personal Energy Coach
Personal Energy Coach – what is it that you do exactly? Recently a client asked me this question so I decided it was time to write about it! Personal Energy Coaching and New Energy Psychology are both very new areas of work and experience for people, so it stands to reason that as a prospective […]

What is a Personal Energy Coach?

spiritual medium
A spiritual mediumship experience? Recently I wrote a blog post about about my mum and her passing – and the unusual bedside experiences I had! My mum, in the last stages of her life, appeared to find all of this spiritual activity quite normal…when she had spent a lot of her life not acknowledging my […]

How do spiritual mediums know they are making a connection with those who have passed over to the other side?

empath 1
How to be an effective empath Lunching with a good friend recently, we were discussing energy work and the nature of energetic sensitivity and empathic ability. What is ‘being an empath?’ Some examples are… knowing that somebody feels one way even thought they are acting in another way entirely knowing when we or others are […]

How to be an effective empath | With great sensitivity comes great responsibility from the Mom On A Spiritual Journey blog

Your Intuitive Gifts 2
On the Spiritual Journey… Recently I’ve had a couple of people ask me…what IS a spiritual journey? Since I’m a self-proclaimed Mom On A Spiritual Journey…a blog post to answer that question is most likely in order. The BIG one – it’s Spirituality v. Religion – or is it? Whilst being asked this kind of […]

What is a Spiritual Journey?

spiritual internet
How the Akash or Akashic Records are similar to the internet and google When I learned to access my Akashic Records and those of clients, I was taught that the Records comprise of the following energies or entities, which/whom work together as a group energy when in the Records. These energetic entities are… The Lords […]

What can I google on the Spiritual Internet? The Akashic Records or Akash…there are similarities | Akashic Messages

John Edward
John Edward Psychic Medium in Wichita teaches us about energy If you’re not familiar with John Edward, IMHO he’s one of the top psychic mediums on the planet. He’s spent many years perfecting his craft and finding methods of reading for clients which allow him to clearly validate the spiritual connection without ‘front-loading’ the person […]

John Edward psychic medium teaches Wichita audience about energy by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Have you ever thought about language and the power it exerts? There’s that old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. First part, definitely true. Second part…true? Perhaps only sometimes. Having studied NLP™ (Neuro-linguistic programming), applied it in business and personal life…I’m inclined to disagree with ‘words will […]

And so it is – the power of language from the Personal Energy Practice Blog

Akashic Records
The Akashic Records – in your DNA? Once I became consciously aware of the Akashic Records I started to pay attention to other accounts of people’s experiences within the Akashic Records. One area that really resonates for me is the accounts of the Akash from Lee Carroll. Lee Carroll and the Akashic Work I’ve been […]

DNA and your Akashic Records from the Akashic Messages Blogspot

my yoga online
Do you Yoga?  It’s even easier now with MyYogaOnline! Here’s a chance to win a free year’s membership from MyYogaOnline.com. I was recently approached by MyYogaOnline.com with a very kind offer. I get to play with their services and write about them – and you (dear reader) get an opportunity to win a year’s membership […]

My Yoga Online Giveaway at the Mom On A Spiritual Journey Blog

Akashic Records Readings
The Akashic Records – it’s all about building a relationship with the energy of the Records How do you know you’re going to get a ‘good’ Akashic Records Reading? Well, here’s what I know and what I’ve been taught. 1.  Ideally an Akashic Records Reader will avoid alcohol consumption for 24 hours before a reading.  […]

Hello, I love you, wont you tell me your name? Then we can open your Book of Life (the Akashic Records)