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Lee Carroll channeling Kryon talks about the uniqueness of our Akashic Record. In this New Age, we can learn to access our own Akashic Records using a number of spiritual methods. Sarah offers Akashic Records Readings using Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process.

Your Akashic Record is like no-one else’s and is a ...   Recently updated !

akashic records readings
Akashic Records – more than one way to gain access Working and talking with a colleague yesterday, we were discussing different ways to access the Akashic Records. My formal experience of accessing the Akashic Records has been with Linda Howe’s excellent Pathway Prayer Process©. Finding her book in 2010 led to a spiritual awakening, an […]

Some easy ways to access the Akashic Records

Akashic Records Readings
Akashic Records – what can you learn? I know someone who calls the internet the ‘great big book of everything’. It’s true, the internet contains a lot of information, good, bad and ugly. And so do your Akashic Records. In my experience, the Akashic Records can inform, support and send us push notifications…just like the […]

What can I learn from the Akashic Records?

akashic records readings
The Akashic Records – my first conscious connection I didn’t know anything about the Akashic Records.  I had learned about reflexology, energy work and even the Universal Calibration Lattice, or UCL® (our electromagnetic field)…but I knew nothing about the energy of the Akashic Field or Akashic Records. Then one day I received a book from […]

How I connected with my Akashic Records

Your Intuitive Gifts

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More about Empaths and our Gifts, in fact The Gift of being an Empath This post>> Empaths are Awakening is getting so many daily views I don’t quite know what to do with myself!  Other than write more about Empaths! The Gift These days when I feel, know, or sense things through the body, my […]

The gift of being an Empath

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Are you an Empath? There are a lot of posts on the web and also books and information about being an Empath. What is an Empath? An emotional empath is defined by their ability to understand other’s emotions deeply, even at a distance. Judith Orloff MD describes emotional empaths as Empaths are highly sensitive, finely […]

Empaths are awakening – what type of empath are you?

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Learning more about our bodies through science… As time, science and technology has moved on, we have learned more and more about our bodies. There was a time when personalities were thought to be driven by the number of bumps we could count on our skulls.  Seems pretty humorous now! Some illnesses were believed to […]

Why learning more about our bodies is spiritual work too

Akashic Records Readings
Just found this site and want to learn more about the Akashic Records? Here’s a short slideshow to help you along, it’s 8 slides explaining exactly what the Akashic Records are and how you can benefit from either having an Akashic Records Reading or from learning to read your own Akashic Records. Akashic Records Slideshow […]

An Akashic Records Slideshow

Akashic Records Readings
900 Voices   GRAMMY® winning composer, Laura Sullivan, called out to the world to join her in a powerful plan to make a music video. Her request was simple. Take a video of yourself singing her song “900 Voices” and send it to her.  The response was overwhelming. 938 people from Australia, Brazil, Israel, Croatia, […]

900 voices by Laura Sullivan – the energy of love ...

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Energetics I love Lee Harris’s monthly energetics reports!  Here’s the link to this month’s video plus a few highlighted points that I believe are very relevant. Heart and Third Eye Chakras Lee says Heart and third eye are going to be opening very strongly this month. So be prepared at the energetic level for awareness […]

April 2015 Energetics Report by Lee Harris – heart, throat ...

Your Intuitive Gifts
“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself”.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Third eye or being clairvoyant Recently I was asked to give a talk on a Facebook group about our third eye and becoming more clairvoyant. Being clairvoyant or ‘clear-seeing’ is an ability to see visions in the minds’ eye. There are those images that we think up or recall for ourselves, and those other images […]

How to open your third eye or be more clairvoyant ...

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The Akashic Records and our light grid…or UCL (Universal Calibration Lattice) My spiritual journey had led me on a number of interesting paths…from the study of crystals, to reflexology for health and then into energy work with the EMF Balancing Technique. While learning this technique I was instructed in the activation of certain energetic templates […]

How an Akashic Records Reading affects our energy field

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Our Personal Energy – what is in there? After more than 18 years of work and study I can say with some authority that we do have an energy field. The relatively new field of energy psychology can demonstrate to us that working with energy is good for our health. But what is our personal […]

10 elements of our Personal Energy Field

New World Energetics
New World Energetics – a guided name I originally named this site New World Energetics because of spiritual guidance. As a clair-audient, I heard the name and wrote it down. On and off, I’ve wondered if I had the right name for the work I’m doing. Thought bubbles up One of the ways I’ve been […]

New World Energetics

Personal Energy Practice
Coaching for your Soul? A little while ago I asked a few clients what they thought I do.  I have worked with clients consistently now for the last four years and from their comments I now know that some clients see me as… – An Akashic Records Reader Other clients see me as… – that […]

Soul Coaching – to help you reconnect with the real ...

Personal Energy Coaching
Personal Energy Coaching – 5 benefits Personal Energy Coaching? Iin the very new field of New Energy Psychology, clients initially ask me about the benefits of having a session. In this post I have picked two of the sessions or readings that I give and list 5 benefits of each. The two sessions I have […]

5 benefits of Personal Energy Coaching

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Akashic Records Reading vs a Psychic Reading – what’s the difference? A potential client recently asked me about the different between an Akashic Records Reading, versus a Psychic Reading. Great question! To answer the questionI believe an Akashic Records reading is VERY different from a psychic reading. My experiences (so far) of giving and receiving […]

How is an Akashic Records Reading different than a Psychic ...

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Our Spirit Guides I often have clients contact me when they are interested in contacting their spirit guides as part of their spiritual awakening process. This comes about for them as an awareness that there may be ‘someone there’. Often during that falling asleep/waking up process where the brain is shifting through Alpha/Theta waves, people […]

How our spirit guides can contact us

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The Akashic Records If you’ve visited this site before, you’ll know that I read the Akashic Records for clients. Previously an arena of spiritual practice only for mystics, scholars and secret societies, more and more people are embarking on their own spiritual journeys and beginning to hear about the Akashic Records, perhaps even booking a […]

Akashic Foundations Akashic Records Coaching available via Skype – new!