Sarah Lawrence

Intuitive in Business and working with clients Akashic Records since 2010

Sarah Lawrence

Intuitive In Business

How to be intuitive in business? Discover my reports, recommendations and action plans that connect you to your innate Business Genius, Soul-Led Financial Abundance and the unique energetic lattice of you and your business. This is New World Energetics.


In the UK: – Worked for many years in UK Broadcasting (BBC, Sky, Channel 4, ITV Association).  Helped set up the first computerized system for selling advertising time on the ITV Network after operating a similar system at Channel 4.  (Paul Bonner -where’s my OBE now you have one?!).

Taught and supported computer systems in public and private companies with no formal training (intuitive in business).

An independent consultant for national concerns (UK National Lottery, CBI, EMAP, Marks and Spencer, local councils). 

Set up a successful training and development company with a business partner in the UK.  Co-created groundbreaking keyboard skills course which ran in the UK from 2000-2021.

In the USA: – after starting a family, qualified in the EMF Balancing Technique Phases I-XII, State-Certified Reflexology in MD, Soul Realignment Practitioner since 2016.  Mentored in Human Design with Chetan Parkyn. 

Trained Trainers in the Corporate world, studied NLPwith Richard Bandler, Trained Facilitator of the MythoSelf Processwith Joseph Riggio.  


Learning comes from learning to ‘unknow’ and realign with our Soul-Led intentions. 

On the growth path, the more programming we can learn to release, the closer we get to our Higher Self above, and our true Selves in the body below. 

In our pure state, we are already perfect. 

Recognizing where our Lower Nature is holding us back, we can use New World Energetics to identify and clear blocks to abundance – and move forward.

With my work I experience a regular immersion in the Akashic Records.

3 years into my Human Design Experiment, 4/6 Emotional Manifestor, natural channel, HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).   HIB (Highly Intuitive In Business).

Regular meditator, eternal student.

Questioner, examiner and experimenter of energetic consciousness models.

Bringer of Akashic Age and Aquarian Age values into business, to help us all create sustainable business growth models that feed bodies, minds and spiritual values in the New Age.


The 4 Quadrants in Business


1. Financial Abundance

2. Business Analysis

3. Business Genius

4. Career Chart

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My Approach

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welcome to new world energetics

How can I help you and your business?

I can connect you with your Soul-Led Financial Abundance for business.

The Divine Soul Blueprint is the unchanging truth of your Soul, life after life.  Learn to line this up with the way you do business and energize your approach.

I help you to review your business activities and plans through the Akashic Records

Every business has an Akashic Blueprint that you created when you started your business – knowing what’s in it will help you align what you are doing with what you intend.

You may have a sense of your unique Business Genius and feel you are tapping into it. 

Great!  But what if there are unseen blocks stopping you becoming intuitive in business, or you want to open that energetic gateway of Business Genius to a greater degree?  I can help you with that.

Where are you headed with your career – perhaps there are dynamics that are not working for you right now – but you are not sure what they are, why they are not working for you, or how to change them? 

That’s where I can help with a career reading for you, and a review of the energetics of your business. 

Getting your personal energetics and the energetics of your business to synchronize is half the battle.  It’s much harder to do if you can’t see where the conflict lies.

This is how my New World Energetics approach can help you, the intuitive in business and Soul-Led Entrepreneur.



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