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Welcome to New World Energetics, where you can learn about your Personal Energy

"Your Personal Energy Field is unique to you, containing all the wisdom and lessons you have collected from many lifetimes."

Sarah Lawrence, Personal Energy Coach

Sarah is an excellent teacher!  Her teaching style is very down to earth, she is full of compassion and has a wealth of spiritual knowledge to share. 

Priya Shah, UK

My Soul Star reading from Sarah was absolutely a-ma-zing!!!  It clarified so many things for me, answered questions I've had for a long time...it was spot-on in every single aspect.  Jaci Sivley, USA.

Where do I start?  Watch the videos, decide on your next step

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Sarah Lawrence

Sarah is an energy intuitive and gives New World Energetics Readings. Learn how to sense your energy field (and others), get connected with your Akashic Records, learn how to balance your energy - personal growth on the Spiritual Journey.

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