Be Intuitive in Business

Be intuitive in business – you’ll grow, your business will grow too.

Sarah Lawrence

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“Personal growth is intimately tied to societal innovation, corporate transformation, and career success; the inner and outer can no longer be disconnected.”  Penny Pierce


To empower businesspeople in the global new world energy.

Assisting entrepreneurs to incorporate the mindset shift in business that is happening at the group consciousness level.

Helping people to become more intuitive and Soul-Led in business.

This is a 4-step process I call New World Energetics. 

Read on to find out more about the 4 Energetic Quadrants (EQ’s) to address in your business.


Since we learned how to grow corn and exchange goods, people have been in business.

We need to learn to surpass the old medieval and industrial business archetypes.  

It’s time to replace old models with collaborative, generative and sustainable business models to create a healthier future. 

In the Akashic and Aquarian Age, learn how to apply new energies and new ideas to old paradigms.

New World Energetics for Business

the approach

The 4 Energetic Quadrants of Intuition In Business

The 4 Energetic Quadrants that make up your business are: –

1. Soul-led Financial Abundance through your Divine Soul Blueprint.

2. Your business activities and plans through Business Analysis in the Akashic Records of your business.

3. Your unique Business Genius through Human Design.

4. Your best personal career approach and business model through your Human Design Career Chart.


Divine Soul Blueprint + Human Design + NLP™ + Quantum Lattice = New World Energetics


We all have a Divine Soul Blueprint that is unique to us – it creates an energetic vibration.  Discover your Blueprint and align with that vibration for Financial Abundance.

When you create your business, an energetic lattice is created in your Akashic Records that represents your business.  Align your financial intentions with it to motorize your business through Business Analysis.

We are all geniuses in the making.  Find out how to align with your unique Business Genius through the lens of Human Design.

Last but not least – what is the best approach to your career and to the foundation of your business

Get a personal career reading and check-in with the life force of your business through your Career Chart.

Want to learn more?  Book the free Discovery Chat to see if this is a match for you.

New World Energetics

Be intuitive in business – feel good in your Soul

Who are you, really, and what is your purpose for being in business? 

These are excellent questions to focus on if you choose to begin the path of becoming a highly intuitive businessperson and Soul-Led entrepreneur. 

Many of us end up in a business of our own through instinct and interest, or perhaps we are part of a family business – or even a group of people who came up with a great idea.

With New World Energetics, learn to align your business with: –

– your own Soul Purpose and Life Purpose

– the latest positive shifts in global business strategy created by group consciousness

– choices that resonate from the field of probabilities and possibilities – where we know we ALL need to be going for a sustainable and more harmonious future.





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