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Clear blocks and discover your Soul Purpose and Life Purpose.  Start here.

Sarah Lawrence

Intuitive empowerment Coach

Sarah reads your energy to help you get past feeling stuck, working through difficult relationships and finding the root causes to issues you want to clear.


To empower people through a broader understanding of our personal energy or aura.

We are electromagnetic beings and we can change ourselves by working with our own aura and level of self-awareness.  It’s powerful!


To help people empower themselves through the best of applied energetic practice both ancient and modern.

This is how we are going to learn how best to live in this Aquarian Age, and to embrace the inevitable changes.


welcome to new world energetics

About Your Aura

You have 7 energy bodies, 64 DNA codons, more than 9 chakras, a Divine Soul Blueprint, a present life Design, Life Themes, Life Lessons and so much more embedded in your aura.

Time to learn how to operate your own Aura or Personal Energy for empowerment, growth and self-awareness!




Life Purpose Readings – and more

Your Human Design Chart is a measurable way to understand your present life energy, Aura Type, Life Purpose, and so much more.  Ask for your free report today!



Psychic Aura Readings

New to all of this?  Try this 20-minute reading to learn more about who you are at Soul-level through your Akashic Records and Human Design.  Come with a list of questions and get some answers.


aura work

Chakra Analysis Reading

If you often feel you are blocked in a Chakra – then you might be right.

Our Chakras can become blocked, underactive or overactive.  I can check for this, and give you simple exercises to do so you can get back into balance.



akashic records

The Soul Star Reading

This is my most popular Akashic Records Reading!

Discover your Soul-level truths through your Soul Group and Divine Soul Purpose.

Learn how to clear the Past Life karmic pattern that is blocking your path.


Spirit Guides

Spirit Guide Readings

Do you want to get in touch with your Spirit Guides?  Or perhaps you are having experiences already and want to go deeper.

I can channel your Inner Circle Spirit Guides and help you to connect with them on a regular basis.

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