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“A study of our Past Lives within the Akashic Records helps us to connect the dots in the Journey of the Soul.  Learn about our Energetic lives - they are just as important as our physical existence."

Sarah Lawrence

Personal Energy Coach 

Curious about your Past Lives?

We all have a story in the Akashic Records - perhaps more than one

Do you believe in Past Lives?  

If so, there are many stories from your past which can explain your future in more detail.

But how to make this knowledge practical and useful?

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Relationships and Soul Mates

Are you with your Soul Mate?  Or perhaps you are still on the search.

Soul mates usually have a Past Life connection, we may have spent one or more lives with them, but some of the Past Lives may not have been in our highest good!

Sometimes, there are Past Life Soul Contracts which need to be cleared before you can move on in unity.

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Have the Soul Star Reading - clear karma

Do you have the sneaking suspicion that something in one of your past life experiences is holding you back?

Often people start to become aware of repeating patterns in their lives but don't know how to clear them or work with them.

I call it being stuck in the spin cycle - you can never get out of the suds!

The Soul Star Reading delves deeply into the Past Life story that is holding you back, and begins the clearing process.

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The Cycle of Akashic Readings with Sarah

5 Readings in a Cycle to help you grow

General Readings are very useful - but what if you want to dig deeper?  Clear blocks and restrictions with the Soul Star Reading, connect with your Spirit Guides and learn who they are during the Spirit Guide Reading, and have regular energetic checkups with the Chakra Reading (plus, you'll go away with an actionable 'to do' list)!   To connect with the higher dimensional energies for really deep answers, have a Stargate Reading to communicate with Ascended Masters and Star Beings.

akashic readings with Sarah

Book your Akashic Reading today

Sarah reads your Akashic Records remotely for an hour or so, then connects with you for a maximum of 90 minutes to relay the information.


I did a Soul Star reading with Sarah and got a lot of good information, things that explained more on WHO I AM, and also found out other interesting facts about myself. 

The information Sarah provided was awesome and it will help me progress further in life. I recommend a Soul Star reading to everyone. Thank you Sarah I appreciate you very much.

Love, Light and Laughter


Kevin Glennemeier - Soul Star Akashic Reading


Sarah is a Personal Coach and Energy Intuitive who had an opening to the Akashic Records in 2010.

She calls her approach 'New World Energetics'.

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