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Learn about your Personal Energy and the Akashic Records!

Discover how to use your Personal Energy Field to connect to your Higher Wisdom for greater abundance and fulfilment in life

Work with Your Personal Energy, the Akashic Records, and Sarah, to benefit from...

  • Learning to connect with your Akashic Records!
  • Discovering your Divine Soul Blueprint and connecting with your Innate Gifts
  • Relating to your Inner World in a whole new, empowering way
  • Finding out new paths to personal fulfillment and Abundance
  • Raising your Consciousness
  • Discovering the connections to your Personal Energy Field
  • Developing your Intuition
  • Supporting your immune system with Spiritual Practice
  • Increasing vitality
  • Raising the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Helping your spiritual growth and emotional clearing
  • Clearing energetic Blocks and Restrictions

About Sarah

A spontaneous opening to the Akashic Records.


In 2010 Sarah experienced a spontaneous opening to the Akashic Records after 5 years of intense study and practice through Energy Work.

Since 2010, Sarah has been giving Akashic Records Readings to a growing community of clients focused on the spiritual path. 

The Akashic Records are a powerful and accurate entry point into your Personal Energy Field, enabling you to relate to your spiritual growth in practical and useful ways — anything from discovering past life patterns and karma to raising your personal vibration. Feel free to message her at the private client portal to chat directly.



Akashic Records Readings, Coaching and Courses

Check out the individual readings, coaching sessions and courses that Sarah offers

General Akashic Records Readings

Soul Star Reading

Spirit Guide Reading

Chakra Readings

Stargate Readings

Akashic Tarot Readings

Awaken Your Akashic Energy (Three Part Coaching)

Read the Future (Three part Coaching)

Life Situation Reading

Soul Star Teaching Course (add your Name to the List)

Connect with your Akashic Records and personal energy today!

Through a series of readings, coaching and teaching, Sarah offers an actionable and understandable pathway to energetic connection and spiritual growth