5 benefits of Personal Energy Coaching

5 benefits of Personal Energy Coaching

Personal Energy Coaching

Personal Energy Coaching – 5 benefits

Personal Energy Coaching?

Iin the very new field of New Energy Psychology, clients initially ask me about the benefits of having a session.

In this post I have picked two of the sessions or readings that I give and list 5 benefits of each.

The two sessions I have picked are Akashic Records Reading and the EMF Balancing Technique®.

5 benefits of an Akashic Records Reading with Personal Energy Coaching

An Akashic Records Reading is a way to reconnect with that larger part of yourself we call the Soul, or Spirit.

Energetically your Akashic Records contain a history of all your experiences in this lifetime and those of previous lifetimes too.

Using the Pathway Prayer Process, I can connect you with your Masters, Teachers and Loved ones to ask questions of your Records.

It’s a bit like that saying about history ….

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.  (George Santayana)

So we can review our Akashic Records and experience these 5 benefits (amongst others)

  1. Ask knotty questions about relationships in this lifetime and how they are karmically connected to us
  2. Discover more about our Soul Level Truth about our Soul Purposes in this life time
  3. Open our “Spiritual Jar” and discover our Spiritual Roles and Responsibilities from other lifetimes
  4. Examine fears and phobias in the Light of the Akashic Records
  5. Travel to the Zone of Choice to help us cast yet more light upon decisions we need to make.

Powerful stuff!  As your Personal Energy Coach I can guide you through this process and also suggest other spiritual practices and very practical approaches to help you forward on the Journey.

5 benefits of receiving an EMF Balancing Technique® Session with Personal Energy Coaching

The EMF Balancing Technique® is an energy balancing and calibration method which reconnects you with your Personal Energy Field.  An essential part of Personal Energy Coaching in my opinion!

I work with your lattice or UCL (Universal Calibration Lattice) which is the Electromagnetic Field surrounding and penetrating the body.  During Phases I-IV (which can be received remotely via Skype or Phone) you recline and listen to the Say Alouds as I work with your Personal Energy.

  1. Have a direct experience of your own Personal Energy field with explanations from a Personal Energy Coach
  2. Experience peace and relief from the stress of everyday living during (and after your session)
  3. Open to new previously hidden talents and abilities that were dormant in your Personal Energy Field
  4. Release trauma from past events without having to relive the trauma over again
  5. Experience your infinite nature through the activation of your lattice and deepen your connection with the Energy of the Earth (OK that’s 6 but who’s counting).

…and I’m also noticing that clients who have both Akashic Records Readings and the EMF Balancing Technique® are galloping further forward on their spiritual journeys with great speed!

This is because the Akashic Energy lights us up, helping us to re-member who we are…and the EMF Balancing Technique® contains Sacred Templates which are part of the Akashic Energy Field.

If you’d like to book an Akashic Records Reading or EMF Balancing Technique® Session and experience the benefits of Personal Energy Coaching…click either of the links below.

Book an Akashic Records Reading Here>>

Book an EMF Balancing Technique® Session Here>>


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