Intuitive manipulators

Intuition is a gift and a skill we all have, not just for spiritual work, but also to help save ourselves from manipulators.  Some may say “I’m not very intuitive” either as a reason not to develop their skills or as an excuse for staying in lack of awareness land.

If we learn to get ourselves in the right state of mind, we can focus on growing our natural intuition.

This involves spatial awareness, emotional awareness of self and others, and the beginning of our journey to learning more about ourselves and the hidden parts of our internal self.

Over time, we can crank it up a notch and start to consider the higher levels of intuition or spiritual growth.

We may join a spiritual group or mystery school.  Perhaps we’ll awaken to some of our higher intuitive skills such as clairvoyance or clairaudience.

Maybe we’ll create a stronger connection to our Higher Self and fire up the desire for soul expansion.

Then we get taken down somehow by a manipulator

We realize that the teacher we thought was perfect for us was creating an illusion.

The partner refuses the next step on the spiritual journey.   A friend who always seemed like a fun person becomes a drain or a drama queen.

The key to all of this progress on the spiritual path is to experience our spiritual growth in terms of relationships.   Those learnings may involve becoming disillusioned, getting hurt, or getting taken down somehow.

How do we avoid the intuitive manipulator?

[click_to_tweet tweet=”The truth is, many people are #intuitive, but not necessarily spiritual.  Many people have trauma tucked away and attend #spiritual workshops, even teach them but don’t really want to do the work.” quote=”The truth is, many people are intuitive, but not necessarily spiritual.  Many people have trauma tucked away and attend spiritual workshops, even teach them but don’t really want to do the work.”]

It can be shocking to experience this in the context of a spiritual awakening, but is it worse or better than getting a bad haircut or a bad boob job?

Some avoidance tactics

Ask yourself the following questions

Does this person make my gut feel uncomfortable?

Does this person do what they say, does the inside match the outside?

Is there something about their spiritual path or story that seems inconsistent?

What lifestyle do they lead – does it match their professed beliefs?

What do your spiritual guides and third language tell you?*

Is there a lot of intense eye contact?**

*The third language is a term coined by Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon.  I’ve experienced the third language as my own voice in my head, giving me insightful messages.  (Ignore the negative messages, that may be your inner judge).  Think of it as the voice of your Higher Self, which is the wifi connection between you and your Soul.

**Intense eye contact can be a bit of a giveaway, also face-reading or expression-checking.  Narcissists, in particular, are very good at this, because they can read your thoughts and emotional state from your eyes.  Creepy, but true.

Intuitive manipulators and the astral field, or consciousness field

We all stream data outwards from our energy fields as we move through life.

If we are intuitive and sensitive also, there is a tendency to reach out with our emotional field and feel others energetically in order to feel safe.   This energetic connection is the lifeblood of getting intimate with you in some way for intuitive manipulators.

Either with intention or just because they are suffering and traumatized and don’t know why, they will ‘feel’ you.  This will occur electromagnetically, much like the shark senses its prey by connecting to a distressed fish’s heartbeat using electroreception.

If you are an injured intuitive or a wounded healer, that’s what the skilled intuitive manipulator will know.

They will know this either by sensing your energy, your behavior, your expressions, or your actions and circumstances over time.  It’s an energetic jungle out there and our auras are constantly merging!

Learning to use your discernment on the spiritual journey

To turn discernment into a useful energetic tool, consider it a combination of your ‘clairs’ or intuitive skills, plus your intuition and your bodily senses (gut feel especially).

You can also learn to incorporate your connection to your Higher Self and anything intuitive that pops into your head during interactions that make you uncomfortable!

Moving your body position and keeping your eyes and face blocked in some way may also help until you can figure out what is going on.

Remember, we all have access to intuition and the astral plane, but the intention and use are always relative to an individual soul’s journey.