Your Personal Energy Field contains as much information as your DNA

Your Personal Energy Field contains as much information as your DNA

Your Personal Energy Field exists, and here’s why you need to learn more about it

Learn more about your Personal Energy to become more energized.  This will help you to balance your brain and body systems, stay healthy and get more productive.  You may even become more intuitive.

Your Personal Energy Field is definitely worth your focus on today.  Our Aura contains as much useful information as our DNA, perhaps even more.

Intense experience of energy – my story #1

When I was 3 years old, I remember having intense experiences of energy with a friend of my parents.

We would holiday every year on the Isle of Wight, a small island at the foot of the UK.  Our camp site was on National Trust land, like a State Park. The reason we could do this was because of my mum and dad’s friend, who was the harbormaster.

Every time this man came near me I would scream. I would just scream.

My mum, being the polite British woman she was, would play it down and try and talk me out of it.   I knew that I did not like him, or the energy he exuded, at all.

Socialization and social rules won out

At the time my mum would say to him that I was ‘scared of his hair’ because he had a buzz cut.

Later on in life, I replayed this memory to my mum, and she told me I was right to scream.

Whenever my dad was out of sight and this man was around, he would make unwelcome sexual passes at my mother.

This is one example of how our energy field can inform us.

I was a young child, yet I’ve always been energetically sensitive - an Intuitive Sensitive Person (ISP). I just didn’t know what to call it when I was three, so I just screamed.

Imprints in a house, my story #2

In my early thirties, I was in business in the UK.

My business partner and I went to see someone who could give us partner insurance. This can be useful if one partner in a business gets sick – or has other issues where they are unable to work.

The broker had a home business and so we met in his office in the front part of his house.  This was an old medieval house in Lewes, East Sussex.

The minute I walked through the door of this house, I began to hear an insistent inner conversation from somewhere.

This intuitive conversation was about how a woman had died in this house by falling down the very steep stairs at the back. It was very distracting, but I did my best to block it out and focus on the business at hand.

What I was experiencing was the truth!

At the end of the meeting, I found myself asking the broker if anyone had died at the stairs at the back.

I’ll admit it, I just blurted it out. I couldn’t help myself.

He went very pale and agreed.

He said that in the history of the house, a husband and wife had lived there. The husband had pushed the wife down the stairs during an argument. She had died of her injuries.

That period of my life was before I came out about being intuitive and reading energy.

Mostly, I kept those experiences to myself because my mother told me to do so out of fear.

Luckily for us, she came out as psychic and knowing energy too before she passed, and we healed that aspect of our relationship together.

Reading others’ energy, my story #3

Recently I took part in a Medical Intuitive experiment. I’ve always been interested in this aspect of reading people’s energy.

Caroline Myss (pronounced ‘Mace’) is one of the most well-known medical intuitive readers in the West.

She has an extremely high accuracy rate (85–95%), better than most doctors.

A medical intuitive can scan your energy field and body systems to identify energetic blockages or restrictions.

This can be especially useful when a person has visited doctor after doctor and has an illness that defies modern medicine.

During this experiment, I joined a group of people on Zoom and scanned someone I didn’t know.  I had never met him before.  I practiced using some medical intuitive techniques.

Several of my ‘hits’ were validated as correct by the individual.

Becoming very accurate in this field takes practice and demands focus on learning specific techniques.

It can work very well to discover the cause of an illness that was previously undetectable.

Working with our Personal Energy Field in other ways

There are many different ways to work with your Personal Energy Field that I haven’t even begun to touch on here.

For now, I will finish with my specialty, that of working with future potentials, choices, and actions.

We are all energetically entangled or connected.  The entanglement  theory is something that quantum physicists work with intense interest daily.

Famous experiments such as the Bell Inequality Test are an excellent demonstration of the fact that all energy is connected, or entangled.

In the Bell InequalityTest, when photons (light particles) are separated and one photon is influenced, both photons react in the same way as if they are still connected.

Albert Einstein called this spooky action at a distance.

Our Personal Energy Field is entangled, too

Given that we are all made up of particles and atoms, many see these scientific discoveries as proof that all of us are entangled in a ‘field’ of energy.

In my view, I believe that entanglement also applies to our consciousness through our Personal Energy Field.

When a person can become conscious of their own Personal Energy Field, they can begin to ‘read’, understand or intuit the energetic connections they have with other people, places, and things. (Sarah Lawrence).

If you like the science of this, here’s a nice article from Science Alert showing the first-ever photographic proof of Quantum Entanglement.

Scientists Just Unveiled The First-Ever Photo of Quantum Entanglement

In an incredible first, scientists have captured the world’s first actual photo of quantum entanglement – a phenomenon…

Often people who begin as scientists in the field of quantum physics end up finding themselves questioning the nature of consciousness.  This is an aspect of the energetic field that connects us all.

Many of our future leaps in personal growth and societal awareness will be related to the melding of science with consciousness.

We will then begin to understand more about gravity, the bendable nature of time, and the reality of multi-dimensional awareness.

I firmly believe that for all of us to continue to evolve on this planet and solve our problems, learning about our energy is the first step to change.

If we can all do that, we will gain more clarity, connectedness, and intuitive abilities.

Learning about your Personal Energy Field can only be a good thing!

What is the difference between a psychic, a medium and an empath?

What is the difference between a psychic, a medium and an empath?

What is the difference between a psychic, a medium, and an empath?

I am asked this question quite often, what is the difference between the three categories?

Psychics are more commonly talked about these days, some psychic mediums are becoming public figures, and empathy is discussed in many forums online.

So what do these terms all mean?

A psychic can read your energy field.  They can relay information such as…

  • future possibilities and potentials
  • relationship issues
  • answers to past and present circumstances.  Predict the possible future outcomes in your current frame of probability.

A psychic medium can read your energy field for information such as

  • all of the above, plus
  • psychic mediums can also connect with your Loved Ones who have passed.  They can relay personal information about your relationships present and past.
  • Psychic mediums have that name because they use their bodies as a ‘medium’ to interpret information from spirit.  This can manifest as anything from becoming like the deceased Loved One through physical quirks and mannerisms, to sensing memories from the Loved Ones past.  This helps to validate the experience of being connected with the Loved One for the client.

An empath may not be psychic, or a medium, but has (for whatever reason) a higher level of mirror neurons than some, meaning that the person can

  • tune in to other people’s emotions
  • read emotional energy or emotional states very easily
  • sense collective emotional energy unconsciously or consciously.

What about HSPs, or Highly Sensitive People?

Then there are HSPs, or Highly Sensitive People, who may, or may not be empathic and…

  • are extremely aware of their environment and the noise/sensations/actions of others
  • need regular breaks from stimulation to avoid overwhelm
  • HSPs make great carers, healers and health practitioners because of their sensitivity. (So do empaths).

Here’s a popular post I wrote about Spiritual HSPs. Highly Sensitive Person AND Spiritual – Spiritual HSP? | New World Energetics

Our Brains are Hard-Wired to Believe

Our Brains are Hard-Wired to Believe

Our brains are a belief engine

Our brains are hard-wired to believe.  What I mean by that is that we have to believe certain things just in order to function!

Often when working with clients, I come up against forces and walls of energy that prevent growth.

These subconscious forces can block a client from increased wellness or from moving forward on their personal development journey.  This can happen even if the reasons cannot always be explained or identified by the client.

Beliefs can be a powerful invisible force, either helping or hindering the holder, and can quite often be outside of our conscious awareness.

So how do beliefs become created in our brains?

hard-wired to believeDr. Michael Shermer,  the founding publisher at Skeptic Magazine, spent 30 years compiling information about the nature of belief.

He wrote an in-depth book about it expounding his theories, called The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies—How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths.

Quote: We form our beliefs for a variety of subjective, personal, emotional, and psychological reasons in the context of environments created by family, friends, colleagues, culture, and society at large.

After forming our beliefs we then defend, justify, and rationalize them with a host of intellectual reasons, cogent arguments, and rational explanations. Beliefs come first, explanations for beliefs follow.

Dr. Shermer goes so far as to say from his research, that he sees the brain as a ‘belief engine’.  It processes data into patterns to make sense of them and then adds emotionality through meaning and intention.

After that, Dr. Shermer says that our brains reinforce our beliefs with looped processes.  This is a kind of belief confirmation, which helps us to embed the belief data more deeply into our systems.

From his theory, we are essentially a bystander in this process of belief generation.

We will simply believe certain things which are presented to us–if we have a functioning brain.

So if we are hard-wired to believe, what can we do?

Beliefs on the inside don’t match what is happening outside

At some point on our journey, our belief-making brains bump up against something on the outside that just doesn’t match!

When this happens, something called cognitive dissonance occurs.

We may ignore the new data and stick happily or stubbornly with our programmed beliefs.

Perhaps we may have way too much of our lives invested in the belief in question.  Our body-minds are just too overwhelmed with the thought of change to adopt anything new.

Or, we may become aware of the cognitive dissonance, study the new data and shift our systems into a new belief.  We reform and change the old one immediately (an epiphany!) or change associated actions and connections related to the belief over time.

We may even shift to the next level of awareness as a result of this happening.  Then we begin to understand that we have belief ‘systems’ that may change and grow over time as we evolve.

Richard Bandler, one of the founders of NLP™ (Neuro-linguistic programming) sums up cognitive dissonance this way

The map is not the territory.

How can we work with our ‘hard-wired to believe’ nature?

Having spent the last 20 years studying EP (Energy Psychology) I have experienced working with beliefs that no longer serve me, and have succeeded in clearing some of them from my system in order to allow in new thoughts, ideas, and paradigms that are better for my health and well-being.

As it is for all of us, it’s a work in progress.

As human consciousness evolves, we are beginning to realize that we are not just mechanistic bodies with brains, nervous systems, and organs, but that consciousness itself can be used as a force for good to help us to heal and improve our lot on this Blue Planet.

Or — you can choose not to believe that!

Energy Psychology (EP) and our beliefs

Within the field of Energy Psychology and alternative health and wellness, belief-busting new tools are growing in use.

Often they work and create great results, even if our current commonly held beliefs about how they function are not fully-formed as yet!

One excellent example —

EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique™, also known as ‘tapping’, is gaining ground for assistance with trauma release and old beliefs or experiences that no longer serve us

Research…demonstrates that EFT is effective for many physical symptoms.  In an RCT of veterans with PTSD, their levels of physical pain dropped by 41% in six sessions.  A researcher at Sweden’s Lund University developed an eight-week online course applying EFT in fibromyalgia.  She found significant improvement in pain, anxiety and depression among fibromyalgia patients.  A third of the participants recovered completely.  Note that the Mayo Clinic website states “there is no cure” for this disease.  Dawson Church, PhD.,

The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention

My point here is this — if people are using a new system now that gets such results, and it may work for someone with PTSD or chronic illness as shown above, can we afford NOT to shift our hard-wired brains and begin to believe something new?

Going meta into the realm of ideas to help us shift old beliefs, and make new ones

Going meta, (original Greek meaning – beyond, after, or behind) is a term that gives me the body feeling of rising above the tangled history of humans who up until now, have not been that conscious about being hard-wired to believe.

In my experience, a shift in our state of mind is sometimes the easiest way to look at those pesky old beliefs from a new angle, and question them from there.

In the last 100 years, we have shifted from ‘believing’ that bumps on our skull are related to our personality types.

Then we moved to a belief that the brain rules every function in the body.

As we understand more about consciousness and non-locality, our beliefs are changing about the brain, too.

No wonder sometimes it’s just more comfortable to hold on to what we know.

As Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet and Akashic Records Reader once said

“Mind is indeed the Builder . . . what is held in the act of mental vision becomes a reality in the material experience. We are gradually builded to that image created within our own mental being.”
― Edgar Cayce

I like to believe that with Energy psychology, we will create new and amazing beliefs that take humanity onward into the future!

I hope that the human consciousness movement continues to grow.

Perhaps being hard-wired to believe through our brains will become a tool for personal growth.  This will change the way we structure our reality, and who we believe we are.


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Reframing your language to change your inner world

Reframing your language to change your inner world

Reframing your language – what does this mean?

I was unaware of the term ‘reframing your language’, or the requirement to reframe language as a personal development tool until I attended some NLP™ (Neuro-Linguistic Programming™) training.

Language can be stored in our inner world, or subconscious, as somatic whole forms, meaning, not just what we say, but what we think, hear, feel sense and know at the time.

In short, words can activate multi-dimensional sensory states, affecting our whole body chemistry.

Remember a happy memory, smell, feeling, day or time in your life

Learning to reframe your words can help you switch to somatic states of awareness that serve you better.

Does the smell of something bring back a happy feeling for you (some smells, of course, might make you recoil if there is an uncomfortable association).

For me, the smell of cut grass is a happy thing.  It means summer days, tennis on the lawn and brings back memories of having raspberries for tea from the garden.

Perhaps when you hear a particular musical track, it brings back a happy time.

Or you might enjoy a sport or dance which represents ‘glory days’ for you.

Reframing your language can do this too.

Reframing your language and endorphins

Changing our language might seem like a lot of work.

I remember feeling that way on the NLP™ course and also having feelings of not being good enough coming up from my inner world when this concept was presented to me.

I had always been proud of my language skills and had enjoyed language and literature at school.  I also found that writing came easily to me.

That was my ego talking, however, and was not the point of the training.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”The point was – more positive ways of reframing your language can create more positive states – quite literally, change the body and mind feel. #nlp #language #personalgrowth” quote=”The point was – more positive ways of reframing your language can create more positive states – quite literally, change the body and mind feel.”]

In our high-stress society, this has to be a good thing.

Some excellent examples of reframing your language

Recently on Twitter, I saw this tweet about 9 things to quit.

The intention of the above tweet is very powerful, having us consider practices of thinking, feeling, and acting in ways that do not serve us so that we can release those practices and change our inner world for the better.

Here are some ways to reframe the language of the tweet to make it even more powerful.

Reframing your language – how to do it

The simplest way to reframe is to switch a sentence from something that feels heavy in the body to something that feels lighter.

Trying to please everyone

(draining, hard to do, ‘there is no try’) becomes…

Learning to please yourself

No. 2…

Fearing change

can become

Accepting change

We could play with this a little more

Embracing change

Or find a saying (one of my favorites)

Change is here to stay.

Free printable exercise

If the idea of reframing your language resonates for you, here’s a free printable to help you complete the exercise>>Reframing your language

Until next time!

How to save yourself from intuitive manipulators

How to save yourself from intuitive manipulators

Intuitive manipulators

Intuition is a gift and a skill we all have, not just for spiritual work, but also to help save ourselves from manipulators.  Some may say “I’m not very intuitive” either as a reason not to develop their skills or as an excuse for staying in lack of awareness land.

If we learn to get ourselves in the right state of mind, we can focus on growing our natural intuition.

This involves spatial awareness, emotional awareness of self and others, and the beginning of our journey to learning more about ourselves and the hidden parts of our internal self.

Over time, we can crank it up a notch and start to consider the higher levels of intuition or spiritual growth.

We may join a spiritual group or mystery school.  Perhaps we’ll awaken to some of our higher intuitive skills such as clairvoyance or clairaudience.

Maybe we’ll create a stronger connection to our Higher Self and fire up the desire for soul expansion.

Then we get taken down somehow by a manipulator

We realize that the teacher we thought was perfect for us was creating an illusion.

The partner refuses the next step on the spiritual journey.   A friend who always seemed like a fun person becomes a drain or a drama queen.

The key to all of this progress on the spiritual path is to experience our spiritual growth in terms of relationships.   Those learnings may involve becoming disillusioned, getting hurt, or getting taken down somehow.

How do we avoid the intuitive manipulator?

[click_to_tweet tweet=”The truth is, many people are #intuitive, but not necessarily spiritual.  Many people have trauma tucked away and attend #spiritual workshops, even teach them but don’t really want to do the work.” quote=”The truth is, many people are intuitive, but not necessarily spiritual.  Many people have trauma tucked away and attend spiritual workshops, even teach them but don’t really want to do the work.”]

It can be shocking to experience this in the context of a spiritual awakening, but is it worse or better than getting a bad haircut or a bad boob job?

Some avoidance tactics

Ask yourself the following questions

Does this person make my gut feel uncomfortable?

Does this person do what they say, does the inside match the outside?

Is there something about their spiritual path or story that seems inconsistent?

What lifestyle do they lead – does it match their professed beliefs?

What do your spiritual guides and third language tell you?*

Is there a lot of intense eye contact?**

*The third language is a term coined by Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon.  I’ve experienced the third language as my own voice in my head, giving me insightful messages.  (Ignore the negative messages, that may be your inner judge).  Think of it as the voice of your Higher Self, which is the wifi connection between you and your Soul.

**Intense eye contact can be a bit of a giveaway, also face-reading or expression-checking.  Narcissists, in particular, are very good at this, because they can read your thoughts and emotional state from your eyes.  Creepy, but true.

Intuitive manipulators and the astral field, or consciousness field

We all stream data outwards from our energy fields as we move through life.

If we are intuitive and sensitive also, there is a tendency to reach out with our emotional field and feel others energetically in order to feel safe.   This energetic connection is the lifeblood of getting intimate with you in some way for intuitive manipulators.

Either with intention or just because they are suffering and traumatized and don’t know why, they will ‘feel’ you.  This will occur electromagnetically, much like the shark senses its prey by connecting to a distressed fish’s heartbeat using electroreception.

If you are an injured intuitive or a wounded healer, that’s what the skilled intuitive manipulator will know.

They will know this either by sensing your energy, your behavior, your expressions, or your actions and circumstances over time.  It’s an energetic jungle out there and our auras are constantly merging!

Learning to use your discernment on the spiritual journey

To turn discernment into a useful energetic tool, consider it a combination of your ‘clairs’ or intuitive skills, plus your intuition and your bodily senses (gut feel especially).

You can also learn to incorporate your connection to your Higher Self and anything intuitive that pops into your head during interactions that make you uncomfortable!

Moving your body position and keeping your eyes and face blocked in some way may also help until you can figure out what is going on.

Remember, we all have access to intuition and the astral plane, but the intention and use are always relative to an individual soul’s journey.

How Highly Sensitive People and Empaths deal with trauma

How Highly Sensitive People and Empaths deal with trauma

Trauma and the Highly Sensitive Person and/or Empath

Clearing trauma is something many people are awakening to on their spiritual journey.   Initially, it may sound simple, but like many aspects of personal growth, it isn’t always easy.

Many of us have been raised in cultures which allow no space for recognition of trauma.  It is simply not acknowledged.   This can be through lack of awareness via the culture, the family of origin, or both.

For example, I was raised in a small British village by two parents who had truly awful childhoods for one reason or another.  They were both young adults during the Second World War.  Both of them had to learn how to deal with stress and pain without acknowledging it openly.  As their child, I learned their lessons well.

From the British culture, there was (and probably still is) the oft-spoken energetic instruction of ‘the stiff upper lip’.

From, the meaning of ‘keep a stiff upper lip’ is defined as

Remain resolute and unemotional in the face of adversity, or even tragedy.

It was an instruction to power on through and manage whatever came a person’s way without demonstrating emotion.  (Interesting to note – the origin of this phrase may have actually come from the US culture!).

Of course, this instruction originally came from a place of want and need.   People needed to survive and found a very effective way to do so.

What does blocking trauma and emotion do to our Personal Energy?

Having a stiff upper lip is now diametrically opposed to more modern evolved psychological and spiritual practices.  We are beginning to learn the value of self-examination, review, and release of Personal Energy.

Clearing trauma helps us to be more at peace, increase our physical wellness, and love ourselves fully, instead of living with places we can’t look.

Compartmentalizing trauma may work in the short term, but in the longer term, it is injurious to ourselves and others.

A prime example of this in current day life is the recognition of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) and its’ impact upon the lives of war veterans and their families.  Blocking trauma can result in unhealthy behavior, issues with health and even self-harm.

But what about those who are even more sensitive, such as HSPs or Empaths?  We not only feel the trauma that we experience, yet also sense the trauma of others intensely, too?

How do HSPs and Empaths experience trauma?

If you are reading this, then you may either be interested in your Personal Energy Field, be an HSP or an Empath. So how have we coped with life’s traumas up until now?

If you are anything like me, you became a master disassociator.

This means that when trauma occurs, you jump right out of your body.  You go to a very small part or seeming ‘protected’ part of your inner self where the trauma can’t get you.

During times when I wasn’t sure how to deal with traumatic situations, I became very good at ‘blank face’, and ‘still body’. This would mean that I could read other people, but they couldn’t read me, or read me less, anyway.

Some of my other tricks of the trade were

  • fading into the crowd (acting like the others, even if I didn’t like what was going on)
  • spending a lot of time alone to recharge
  • constructing a dream world I could live in
  • creating imaginary friends
  • becoming addicted to zone out activities such as overeating and watching tv
  • pretending I wasn’t in pain, when in fact, I was
  • ignoring bullying attempts at school.

In so many ways, expounding on the advice from the ‘stiff upper lip’ energetic instruction!  I suspect you may recognize some of the above responses from your own playlist.

How to cope with much more intense responses to trauma as an HSP or Empath? Causal body energy work and Spiritual Practice can help

Two approaches work really well for me.  The first thing I do is work with my Causal Body, which is a part of our Personal Energy.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Think of your Causal body as the connection between your inner child and your adult self.  The more you work on your intuition, the stronger this connection grows.  #spirituality #energetics ” quote=”Think of your Causal body as the connection between your inner child and your adult self.  This connection is the Causal Body.   The more you work on your intuition, the stronger this connection grows.  You could also think of it as an aspect of your Soul which grows stronger and more active as you work with it.”]

My Akashic Guides comment on the Causal Body is as follows

“These two parts of Our Selves, the adult, and inner child are always connected from the Akashic perspective.

When we incarnate and live in the Planet Earth schoolroom, these parts can become fragmented, separated and divided by trauma, programming, and personal choice.

If somebody tells you ‘not to be a baby’ you may let go of a connected piece of your inner child aspect because – and this is the part of the event that is a good idea – you want to fit in! Everybody wants to fit in when they are younger.

You don’t lose this inner child piece or other pieces that are let go because they are always connected in multi-dimensionality, but in 3D they are ‘apparently’ separated.

The adult part of ourselves can be broken, thwarted and lost – or there can sometimes be a refusal by the other parts of ourselves, including the inner child, to assume the responsibilities that come with being an adult on planet Earth.

These fragmented pieces can float about in the aura, knocking into each other or into other people’s lost and fragmented pieces, sometimes cause triggering, more pain and disassociation, or in the more hopeful scenario, healing, and greater wholeness.

From the Akashic Energy Perspective, as we said earlier, the Causal Body is always whole and healed. Think of it as an energetic internet superhighway between our younger and older selves. They are different aspects of us so why not communicate and pass information and data between them? We never know what we might learn!”

Regular Spiritual Practice

As an HSP and Empath, I process energy differently from other people.  Of course, for all I know, we all do — and it’s simply that some people haven’t expanded their awareness in the same way at present.

For anyone who is highly sensitive and spiritual, I recommend at the very least

  • a daily meditation practice
  • journaling
  • moving energy somehow (yoga, tai chi, chi gung).

Becoming more aware of your Personal Energy through Causal Energy Work will grow your intuition, your connection with your Soul and increase what I call your coping bandwith.

Is leadership growth restricted by karma?  Business Energetics

Is leadership growth restricted by karma? Business Energetics


How does leadership growth happen?

Good or effective leadership in my experience can come down to intention.

First web result for intention

[in- ten-sh uhn]
1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

2. the end or object intended; purpose.

3. the act or fact of intending.

4. Surgery, Medicine/Medical. a manner or process of healing, as in the healing of a lesion or fracture without granulation (healing by first intention) or the healing of a wound by granulation after suppuration (healing by second intention)

5.meaning or significance: The intention of his words was clear.

I’ve experienced being a leader on a help-desk in a high traffic broadcast media environment (lots of swearing and stressed out clients), being an IT Manager for a team of training consultants in a private company (polite swearing), and being the co-director of a small independent training company which I co-created.  Much more fun, Friday afternoon paperclip fights, and very little swearing!

I have experienced the best leaders and the worst too, including the bosses with too many hands, #metoo.

I have also spent many years leading learners in the training room!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Bosses are leaders who tell you what to do. True leaders inspire you to do better as well as teach. Sarah Lawrence, New World Energetics” quote=”Bosses are leaders who tell you what to do. True leaders inspire you to do better as well as teach.”] (You may tweet that but don’t fire me, haha).

Leadership growth can come from learning not to be influenced

I was always given the ‘difficult’ students in IT because I seemed to be able to help them. In my opinion, my ability to handle the so-called ‘difficult people’ was down to intention setting.

I intended to help them, not let my head-space be interfered with or front-loaded by reputation or gossip, or in fact anyone else’s ideas about that person, which are never 100% accurate anyway.

Intend to be as present as possible as a leader, have clear goals, aspirations, and inspirations, and stay honest.

Experience each team member in the present moment. Not easy, but it works in my experience.  If you learn more about our Personal Energy field and apply the principals, it becomes even easier than that.

The fish stinks from the head down – ‘stinky’ leadership

Can’t remember who wrote this, but it has always rung true for me “The fish stinks from the head down”. You have a stinky ‘fishhead’, you have a stinky organization or team.

Working now in the realm of ideas and intuition, and the fifth-dimension (I’m an intuitive reader, accessing something called the Akashic Records, something I NEVER thought I’d do when I was trotting to training rooms with my briefcase in hand…you can stop reading at this point if this is too ‘woo woo’ for you. If not, though…

Here’s some of what I have learned so far about leadership from the realm of business energetics, which is combining business knowledge with information from our Akashic Records and our Personal Energy Field.

  1. Many people have karmic issues with authority! Many people find themselves in leadership roles exactly because they need to work out their karmic issues from not respecting authority before, or not being an effective leader before. It can explain a lot about traumatic leadership situations, which at least can lead to a deeper understanding, but not necessarily a solution to the issue.
  2. People have specific soul attributes (the best metaphor I can give is the soul level version of Myers Briggs®). When people focus on these attributes and understand them better, it can be enlightening, help a person know themselves, and become a better leader…or team member, or whatever else they might be. It’s amazing what deep wisdom is stored in our Personal Energy.  You can find out more about this by having a Soul Star Reading.
  3. ‘Born leaders’ may be carrying not only a combination of DNA influence from their physical family line (up to 14 generations of gene expression can be carried forward in DNA ‘tagging’) but also past life leadership experiences.  Become aware of both influences can inspire a leader, and a team too.
  4. A person’s ability to change themselves for the better can be related to Soul-Level Karma.  What if you have a boss with a lot of past-life karma that is holding herself or himself back?  It’s not helping anybody in the long run.  Learning to understand our own personal energetics can improve interpersonal business energetics enormously.

Learning more about our energetic goal-setting personality can improve our leadership skills

As a leader or potential leader…or even someone who is subject to your boss’s decision-making, planning, and goal-setting abilities, here’s a new idea for you.

We often discuss our comfort zone when setting new personal or business goals.  We all know there’s a place where we are more comfortable acting, creating and doing business.

In many businesses, people realize that at some point they will have to jump out of their comfort zone to make changes at the personal or professional level.  This is not easy, it’s hard and it’s uncomfortable on many levels, which is why the comfort zone is so comfortable!

So as a new idea for business energetics, consider these two questions

  1. Have you ever thought about the business energetics in your organization?

That is, how karma, personal energy and, interpersonal energetics may be affecting the efficient functioning of leadership in a team or group. Yes, it is a very a new idea but read on if you are intrigued.

2. What if – at the soul level you or colleagues have karmic issues holding you in place from growing personally, and therefore professionally?

Wild and woolly, I know.  And what if you also each have an individual level of personal energy available to effect change for yourself and for a group or organization?  Wouldn’t it be great to know what those levels are, and what steps you can take to make changes and shift those vibrational aspects of self?

Feel free to try out my Energetic Goal-Setting Personality Quiz and learn more about Energetic Goal Setting through the Akashic Records.

It could work well for you personally, or in business.

The World Family Tree, DNA and our Akashic Records

The World Family Tree, DNA and our Akashic Records

world family tree

We have a World Family Tree, and it is being assembled

Just this week I read a story in People Magazine about the World Family Tree.

(OK so I’ll admit it, I enjoy People magazine — it’s a guilty pleasure! Not only do I learn about famous people’s Akashic stories, but those classic archetypal circumstances and life lessons that repeat over and over). Plus, it’s mental wallpaper!

world family treeIn the article, author A.J. Jacobs reports working with scientists to assemble a family tree of relations more than 260 million people in size. Just for reference, our current planetary population is at approximately the 7.5 billion mark, give or take a few transitions or births, so from that perspective the project still has a little way to go in order to document the connections between everybody incarnated here currently.

A.J. Jacobs has written a book about his quest so far, It’s All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World’s Family Tree.

From his research to date the author says he learned 5 things

1. We all have black sheep, and that’s a good thing
2. At least one of our ancestors is a Neanderthal
3. The World Family Tree is the ultimate social network
4. We are all mutts
5. We are all related.

1. We all have black sheep, and that’s a good thing.

A.J. Jacobs viewpoint is that most people have a ‘bad apple’ in the family and that having that realization can make us more reflective and less judgemental of others.

I remember when I was getting a divorce, I sadly told my mum over the phone and she said: “That’s alright dear, remember your dad was divorced too when he met me.” I had completely forgotten that!

So, when we learn about family patterns that perhaps we thought didn’t apply to us or would never happen to us and then suddenly they do, it can create an inclusive type of energy for the recipient.

And remember, when we access our Akashic Records, we become connected to an energy or mindset that is judgment-free. That is often a good thing when we begin to research our Past Lives.

2. At least one of our ancestors is a Neanderthal.

This was news to me, but according to the research, most of us have about 3% Neanderthal DNA.  Also according to the research, it’s believed that Neanderthals did have the power of speech and had high squeaky voices.

As a ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’ fan (Jean M Auel – The Clan of the Cave Bear: Earth’s Children, Book One), I guess her depiction of Neanderthals using sign language might have to be rewritten after all.

In a past life regression, I remember being in a tropical forest and speaking in a ‘clicking’ kind of language (Khoisan click languages – African). It’s fascinating to know that, not only have our Souls have past life connections, but our bodies, too.

3. The World Family Tree is the ultimate social network

A.J. Jacobs said he was able to swing a lunch with President George H.W. Bush because he found out that they were distantly related. I’m sure researching the book helped!

At the Akashic level, it’s good to remember that in fact, we are all somebody’s cousin, and somebody else’s first cousin once removed husband’s third-great-grandmother’s third-great nephew. (A.J. Jacob’s relationship to Present George H.W. Bush). Because it’s true!

4. We are all mutts.

“There’s no such thing as racial purity”. Henry Louis Gates

According to A.J. Jacobs, for example, the average African-American has 24% European ancestry.

Many of us may have seen the recent adverts from Ancestry DNA, where people state they have issues with certain races or nationalities, only to find after a DNA test that their own DNA contains large amounts of said previously ‘hated’ example.

It can be pretty humbling to remember this, and also to realize how loony tunes Hitler was to even consider the idea of an ‘Aryan’ or pure race.

5. We are all related.

Fact. In a world where we now know this to be scientific fact, many cultures, races, and groups are still keeping an energetic bias of separation going in their brainpans.

Much of this can be attributed to lack of education and cultural, social or even religious bias.

From the Akashic Perspective, we are all unique, yet all connected. Which, interesting to note, can also be said to be true of the scientific perspective regarding our DNA.

Now our bodies just need to catch up with our minds and our spirits.

What is Energetic Integrity?

What is Energetic Integrity?

Energetic Integrity

Energetic Integrity – what is it?

I call the concept shown above ‘the three levels of awareness’, which leads us towards Energetic Integrity.

There are a lot of new energy psychology approaches out there, a lot of modalities, books, movies, workshops, t-shirts – you name it!  Yet it really comes down to this.

If you work on expanding your awareness in all 3 areas

  1. 3D/Incarnated Awareness the experience of being a spiritual being in a human body
  2. Energetic (auric) Awareness, the experience of knowing that there is more than the 5 senses
  3. Soul Level (Akashic) Awareness, the experience of connecting with your own Inner Wisdom

You will evolve and have greater Energetic Integrity!

Why focus on Energetic Integrity and expanded awareness?

Only do this if you are interested in…

  • managing the challenges and opportunities of daily life better
  • gaining more ‘chi’ or body energy by freeing yourself from unnecessary behaviors
  • opening your intuition, increasing your energetic sensitivity, growing your spiritual gifts.

This is the experience of Energetic Integrity.

In some ways, this is nothing new

We have all experienced Energetic Integrity at some time, or we would not know that we want to get ‘there’, or that we have been ‘there’.

Often though, we are not conscious of how to operate from Energetic Integrity on a daily basis, or how sometimes we shut ourselves down from being in that space of awareness.

Sometimes, it’s easier to notice when others are not operating from Energetic Integrity!

How can we tell if another person is operating from Energetic Integrity or not?

We sometimes know when other people are lying, something is ‘off’ about them or their body language is incongruent with their inner energetic intentions.

How can we know this? Because of our own Energetic Integrity, or lack of it — we resonate with, or against the energy of the person we are observing.

We know when other people are lying, or that there is something off about them, or that their body language is incongruent…because we either resonate with their actions, since we have done that before, or we resonate against their actions, because in this or previous lives we have learned that life lesson and have moved on from it.

How to raise our 3D awareness?

energetic integrityThere’s that now often spoke saying in spiritual circles

We are not a human being having a spiritual experience, we are a spiritual being having a human experience

This can keep us mindful of the 3D experience.  We are incarnated in human bodies whether we like it (or not!) and our human bodies are our instrument for change – like it or not!

Click here for posts enabling us to work with our 3D awareness>>

To expand our awareness of our 3D experience we can also work with what I call the healing wheel for 3D awareness.

The Healing Wheel for 3D Awareness

  • Practice meditation
  • Practice language
  • Practice relationships/interpersonal connection
  • Practice connection with chakras and meridians
  • Practice learning more about vibrational medicine.

How to raise our Energetic Awareness?

energetic integrity

This is where we begin to understand (or remember!) that there are more than the 5 senses available to us for expanded awareness and perception.

So perhaps we have had an energetic experience of connecting with a Loved One who has passed, or an opening experience to Unity Consciousness, Group Consciousness, or the energy of an Angel, Ascended Master.

Maybe we realize we are ready to become more conscious of our emotions and learn how to manage them in a more focused manner.

Along with this realization, a connection to the concept that thoughts really are things and that we are done with some thoughts and beliefs, and ready for new ones!

And finally, the perception that all of our energy fields really do exist and are connected to the etheric field.

Click here for posts enabling us to work with our Energetic awareness>>

The healing wheel for Energetic Awareness

  • Practice connection with contact with Loved Ones, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters
  • Practice Unity Consciousness
  • Practice Etheric Healing
  • Practice Thought Form Conversion and Generation
  • Practice Emotional Management.

How to raise our Akashic/Soul Level Awareness?

energetic integrityThis happened spontaneously for me when I was sent a book I didn’t order about the Akashic Records!

If you are reading this then you are ready for Akashic and Soul Level Awareness, or already working with it.

The Akashic Records are an aspect of our energy field that literally ‘Records’ all our thoughts, actions, emotions, and circumstances, both in this life and past lives.

Working with your own Akashic Records can result in learning more about your own Soul Level truths, and can also create a release of restrictions and blockages related to karma, soul and past life issues.

You can also learn to access your Akashic Records to help you create better future choices, by truly learning from your past.

Click here for posts enabling us to work with our Soul/Level Akashic Awareness>>

The healing wheel for Soul Level/Akashic Awareness

  • Soul Star Practice
  • Energetic Goal Setting Practice
  • Your Akashic Inheritance Practice
  • Akashic Relationship Practice
  • Akashic Inner Light Practice.

I hope you find these models and healing wheels useful, and a simple way to understand how we can evolve on this complex spiritual journey.

Working on any healing wheel will result in shifts in your life.  Working on all 3 healing wheels with intention will definitely fast track your evolution!

Connect with Sarah to book readings or coaching courses>>

A new way to think about your future

A new way to think about your future


Have you ever tried to predict the future, or had it done for you, and it’s been accurate?

If yes, then I’m sure it’s also true that you’ve had experiences of the same that have been totally inaccurate!

So is it possible to predict the future?

After many years of spiritual study, I would say – in some cases yes, in others, no.

Doesn’t that sound like what I said at the beginning?

Yes, you are correct. This is not intended to confuse you, but to give you an energetic sense of the changing nature of the future.

But here is what I have learned from embodying the energy of the future and how it can help us in the now.

What is true of the future energetically?

1. It doesn’t exist (yet)
2. We can create it
3. Others can influence it through free will
4. We are bound energetically by our present and past life energy unless we choose to release or clear blocks and restrictions
5. What we intend for our future steers us in that direction, consciously and unconsciously
6. We can change course and chart a new direction at any time
7. We can work with our Personal Energy to manifest our intended future.

If that sounds a bit wild or something you have barely thought about, then you can relax

This is most people’s response initially and can sometimes make us feel fearful, stuck or angry – for example, at what we may be missing out on if only we could_____________ (fill in the gap).

What if you could learn more about your relationship with the future energetically, and as part of that learning process change the results you are creating and co-creating?

Remember that co-creating involves other people and their free will so it can be a little more complex!

If you are interested in creating a new energetic relationship with your future, my new Energetic Goal Setting Sessions may interest you.

Energetic Goal Setting – do this quiz to start to work with your Goal Setting Personality!

The quiz below is here to guide you through some thought processes. If some of the questions make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable – it’s OK – that’s where the gold is, because you likely have blocks or restrictions to clear out!

[wp_quiz id=”2104″]

Energetic Goal Setting Sessions with Sarah

I am now offering Energetic Goal Setting Sessions through the Akashic Records.

I help you to work with your Personal Energy to help change your vibrational relationship with the Future (funnily enough this involves working with the Past and Present too!)

These sessions are recommended as a three part piece of coaching work

1st hourdiscover your vibrational relationship with the future (the Past and Present are involved here).

2nd hourLearn Energetic Goal Setting

3rd hour – split into 4×15 minute coaching sessions over a 2 month period. Learn how to check for results and adjust your course.

Book an Energetic Goal Setting Session here>>

Read more about Energetic Goal Setting here>>

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