Why your Personal Energy Field contains as much information as your DNA

Why your Personal Energy Field contains as much information as your DNA

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Your Personal Energy Field exists, and here’s why you need to learn more about it

Why learning more about your Personal Energy to become more energized (literally!), balance your brain and body systems, stay healthy, get more productive, and be more intuitive. Your Personal Energy Field is definitely worth your focus from 2020 onwards. It contains as much useful information as your DNA, perhaps even more.

Information is spontaneous in our Personal Energy Field person to person

When I was 3 years old, I remember having intense experiences of energy with a friend of my parents.

We would holiday every year on the Isle of Wight, a small island at the foot of the UK, on National Trust land (US Speak - State Park). The reason we could do this was because of my mum and dad’s friend, who was the harbormaster.

Every time this man came near me I would scream. I would just scream. My mum, being the polite British woman she was, would play it down and try and talk me out of it, but I did not like him, or the energy he exuded, at all. At the time my mum would say to him that I was ‘scared of his hair’ because he had a buzz cut, which was unusual for me to see at that time.

Later on in life, I replayed this memory to my mum, and she told me I was right to scream. Whenever my dad was out of sight and this man was around, he would make unwelcome passes, physical ones, at my mother.

This is one example of how our energy field can inform us. I was a young child, yet I’ve always been energetically sensitive - an Intuitive Sensitive Person (ISP). I just didn’t know what to call it when I was three, so I just screamed.

Information comes from our environment, as well as people - imprints

In my early thirties, I was in business in the UK.  Myself and my business partner went to see someone who could give us partner insurance. This can be useful if one partner in a business gets sick or has other issues where they are unable to work.

The broker had a home business and so we met in his office, which was in the front part of his house.  This was an old medieval house in Lewes, East Sussex.

The minute I walked through the door of this house, I began to hear an insistent inner conversation from somewhere.  This intuition was about how a woman had died in this house by falling down the very steep stairs at the back. It was very distracting, but I did my best to block it out and focus on the business at hand.

At the end of the meeting, I found myself asking the broker if anyone had died at the stairs at the back. I’ll admit it, I just blurted it out. I couldn’t help myself.

He went very pale and agreed. He said that in the history of the house, a husband and wife had lived there. The husband had pushed the wife down the stairs during an argument. She had died of her injuries.

That period of my life was before I came out about being intuitive and reading energy. Mostly, I kept those experiences to myself because my mother told me to do so out of fear.
Luckily for us, she ‘came out’ as psychic and knowing energy too before she passed, and we healed that aspect of our relationship together.

We can learn to read others’ energy for health and wellbeing - medical intuition

Recently I took part in a Medical Intuitive experiment. I’ve always been interested in this aspect of reading people’s energy because often I’ve been able to do so spontaneously.
Caroline Myss (pronounced ‘Mace’) is one of the most well-known medical intuitives in the West.  She has an extremely high accuracy rate (85–95%), better than most doctors.

A medical intuitive can scan your energy field and body systems to identify energetic blockages or restrictions. This can be especially useful when a person has visited a doctor after doctor and has an illness that defies modern allopathic testing techniques.

During this experiment, I joined a group of people on Zoom and scanned someone I didn’t know and had never met before using some medical intuitive techniques.

Several of my ‘hits’ were validated as correct by the individual.

Becoming very accurate in this field takes practice and demands focus on learning specific techniques.  It can work very well to discover the cause of an illness which was previously undetectable.

Helping people with choices, decisions, and future potentials - working with the Personal Energy Field and the Akashic Field, or A-Field, for future growth

There are many different ways to work with your Personal Energy Field that I haven’t even begun to touch on here, but for now, I will finish with my specialty, that of working with future potentials, choices, and actions.

We are all energetically entangled or connected - this is a theory that quantum physicists work with intense interest on a daily basis. Famous experiments such as the Bell Inequality Test repeatedly demonstrate that when photons (light particles) are separated and one photon is influenced, both photons react in the same way as if they are still connected.

Albert Einstein called this ‘spooky action at a distance’.

Given that we are all made up of particles and atoms, many see these scientific discoveries as proof that all of us are entangled in a ‘field’ of energy, or, in our case, consciousness.

When a person can become conscious of their own Personal Energy Field, they can begin to ‘read’, understand or intuit the energetic connections they have with other people, places, and things. Sarah Lawrence.

If you like the science of this, here’s a nice article from Science Alert showing the first-ever photographic proof of Quantum Entanglement.

Scientists Just Unveiled The First-Ever Photo of Quantum Entanglement

In an incredible first, scientists have captured the world’s first actual photo of quantum entanglement – a phenomenon…www.sciencealert.com

Often people who begin as scientists in the field of quantum physics end up finding themselves questioning the nature of consciousness.  This is an aspect of the energetic field that connects us all.

In my opinion, many of our future leaps in personal growth and societal awareness will be related to the melding of science with consciousness.  We will then begin to understand more about gravity, the bendable nature of time, and the reality of multi-dimensional awareness.

After 20 years of study to figure my own experiences out - why was I having all these spooky experiences, many more than I have listed here - I realized one of the things I am good at is reading the field of potentials within the Akashic Field, or A-Field.

So, yet another aspect of our Personal Energy Field is that we have consistent aspects of ourselves that are essential to our individual blueprint as a human.

Sometimes, these aspects are outside of our conscious awareness, and we struggle to succeed in our lives, relationships, careers and even simply to be happy on a day to day basis.

What if this energetic ‘blueprint’ can be read and relayed to an individual, to help themselves clear trauma and realign with their ‘blueprint’ self?

This has become one of my specialties in the field of being able to read energy through the consciousness field, A-Field, sometimes known as the Akashic Records.

I firmly believe that for all of us to continue to evolve on this planet and solve our individual, societal, cultural, and planetary issues we all need to learn more about our Personal Energy Field from the ground up.

If we can all do that, we will gain more clarity, connectedness, and intuitive abilities.

Learning about your Personal Energy Field can only be a good thing!

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