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How to recognize the energy of a narcissist

There are lots of articles on the interwebs about the narcissist or ‘narc’, what to look out for, and how to avoid them. What interests me as a Personal Energy Coach though, is what is the narcissist’s energy like and how did it get that way? Read on…

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Why are certain people in my life?

Why are certain people in our lives? I decided to ask my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones why my children have come into my life this time around. It’s an interesting spiritual practice to find out why certain people, circumstances or issues are in our lives this time around.

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How do spiritual mediums know they are making a connection with those who have passed over to the other side?

How do you know if a spiritual medium is doing a good job? Having watched a few spiritual mediums at work and having given readings myself to clients, I would say that you need to be looking for information that is validatable by you. Some examples – an exact description of a photograph in somebody’s house who is the recipient of the reading, a private family joke that no-one else would be privy to
and a sense of how the person died.

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