The Third Lattice and ZimZum or the space between two people

The Third Lattice and ZimZum or the space between two people

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 How to define the energy between two people in a relationship?  ZimZum or Third Lattice?


As an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner I have been taught about the fact that all of us have a lattice or electromagnetic field surrounding us.  It has a center above 24 inches about the head, a center below 24 inches below the feet and our electromagnetic energy runs through our chakras or energy centers in many directions by way of energy fibers and figure 8 loops.

The EMF Balancing TechniqueThis artist’s impression from one of the EMF videos goes some way to showing a visual representation of our electromagnetic field.

You can see the figure 8 loops extending out from our chakras and connecting to long vertical fibers to the front, back, sides and bottom of our fields.  Notice the center above (or connection to Higher Guidance, Higher Self) above the head.

We are taught that this is a system for the arrangement of our consciousness and those little disks of light that you see on the long fibers are thoughts moving around…although when I’ve seen this field on clients it is much more dense that this artists’ impression which has been designed this way for clarity.

So we have a lattice or electromagnetic field?

If you’re with me so far…then this field is what is (hopefully) managed by us and then often influenced by others in our lives, since everyone else has a lattice or field too.  Birds, animals, fish, have them too.  You can look up the science about how a shark senses distressed fish in the ocean using its’ electromagnetic field to connect with an injured fish.  When you just ‘know’ that someone is staring at you because of that feeling in the back of your neck…your lattice or field is connecting with the energy of their field through the intention of their stare…

Imagine being in the cinema and watching a very emotional movie with lots of powerful music — and you get the goosebumps all over — this is another way that you can tell get in touch with your own electromagnetic field.

Perhaps you feel a powerful energy rush during yoga class…or feel totally ungrounded after spending too long on the computer…then your energy field or lattice has also been affected.  And then there’s that totally draining person in the office who always seems to be able to leave you low, tired or exhausted.  How did they do that?

Why should I even care if I have a field?

I guess you don’t really have to…but again, if you choose to work with your own energy field then life starts to get pretty interesting.  As an EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner® I’m taught to calibrate, gauge and strengthen a clients’ field to allow them to move to their next level of balance and to be able to hold a greater energy charge that is them!  Kind of a re-wiring for the New Energy.

Perhaps you’re not interested in a session…but wonder if you can increase focus or decrease stress by working with your personal energy field?   Those are certainly two reasons why I love giving this form of energy work for clients, since whenever I give a session my field is re-calibrated too.

Then there’s the Third Lattice

Feel free to check out this video on the EMF Balancing Technique® website.  It does a pretty good job of explaining the Third Lattice with images.

In terms of energy, when you co-create a relationship with somebody, the relationship/energy you have with another co-creates a Third Lattice between you.  There are multiple third lattices within our lives.  With our immediate partner, our pet, our families and even our ideas or concepts of self, so our house, our job, our self image all have a Third Lattice.

All these Third Lattices or electromagnetic fields are calibrated (or managed and co-created) by you, or you and the energy of a partner or another thing, animal, energy or circumstance.  To keep it simple for now, imagine your Third Lattice with a partner (or friend if you are single).  If you could feel, sense or imagine it as a lattice or field, would it be clean, clear and balanced or would it have dark spots?  Would all the chakras be turning nicely or would some contain restrictions?

This is one of the reasons why energy work can be so powerful and helpful for all of us here on electromagnetic planet earth.

So there’s the Third Lattice…now what about ZimZum?

Recently on SuperSoulSunday, Oprah’s show, I watched Pastor Rob Bell and his wife Kristen debut a new book of theirs called The Zimzum of Love: A New Way of Understanding Marriage.  What interested me about the program was the way Rob and his wife Kristen described ZimZum (meaning: ‘withdrawal’ to enable creation).

Here are some of their comments…

 When you’re married you create space it has an energy to it.

We can tell when it’s flowing and bringing life, we can tell when it’s not!

During conversation Oprah said…

In every life experience there is an energy field created.

Rob goes on to discuss marriage and says

Within every marriage it has it’s own energy field between people that is constantly changing…Wanting to share with the other person, creates an energy flow.

He also describes marriages with no ZimZum…calling them WBS or Warm Body Syndrome…we have each other, we’re not alone but there’s no energy flow.

The space between you has energy what you bring has an impact.

Your marriage will only be as healthy as the least healthy one of you (quote from book)

If there are old relationships that haven’t been cleared, they will be in the ‘space between’ you.  He also mentioned couples with an ‘edge’…those couples who in public make pointed jokes about each other…and it makes everyone else uncomfortable, because they are inviting you into the space between them – where you don’t belong!

He also said..

Marriage is a creative act. How’s the space between us…sometimes there’s too much space, other times there is not enough space identity sense of self caught up in the dreams of the other person. Two whole complete people endlessly making adjustments to the space between.


Everything that comes your way is opportunity to find God in each other in new ways. Incarnation the divine and the human existing in the same place – Theologians.

How interesting to consider the space between…Third Lattice or Zimzum – or is it the same?

Love to hear what you think!


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