What is the difference between a psychic, a medium, and an empath?

I am asked this question quite often, what is the difference between the three categories?

Psychics are more commonly talked about these days, some psychic mediums are becoming public figures, and empathy is discussed in many forums online.

So what do these terms all mean?

A psychic can read your energy field.  They can relay information such as…

  • future possibilities and potentials
  • relationship issues
  • answers to past and present circumstances.  Predict the possible future outcomes in your current frame of probability.

A psychic medium can read your energy field for information such as

  • all of the above, plus
  • psychic mediums can also connect with your Loved Ones who have passed.  They can relay personal information about your relationships present and past.
  • Psychic mediums have that name because they use their bodies as a ‘medium’ to interpret information from spirit.  This can manifest as anything from becoming like the deceased Loved One through physical quirks and mannerisms, to sensing memories from the Loved Ones past.  This helps to validate the experience of being connected with the Loved One for the client.

An empath may not be psychic, or a medium, but has (for whatever reason) a higher level of mirror neurons than some, meaning that the person can

  • tune in to other people’s emotions
  • read emotional energy or emotional states very easily
  • sense collective emotional energy unconsciously or consciously.

What about HSPs, or Highly Sensitive People?

Then there are HSPs, or Highly Sensitive People, who may, or may not be empathic and…

  • are extremely aware of their environment and the noise/sensations/actions of others
  • need regular breaks from stimulation to avoid overwhelm
  • HSPs make great carers, healers and health practitioners because of their sensitivity. (So do empaths).

Here’s a popular post I wrote about Spiritual HSPs. Highly Sensitive Person AND Spiritual – Spiritual HSP? | New World Energetics

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