How can I talk with my loved ones?

How can I talk with my loved ones?

loved ones

loved ones

How can I talk with my loved ones – when I may have no information about them?

Loved Ones who have passed – many of us have them and have wondered if it would help or comfort us to have a psychic mediumship reading.

Having met other psychic mediums, my view is that they access information psychically in a very specific way.

I’ve seen John Edward (one of my favorite psychic mediums) 3 times in large gallery readings, and in a smaller group once.

Psychic mediums generally read in a very body-based manner, so when a person has a Loved One visiting, a psychic medium can take on the body feelings of the Loved One through their Personal Energy Field, to be able to express their energy verbally, which the Loved One can no longer do, not having a body!

Who ate the goldfish?

My favorite John Edward episode on Crossing Over was when he literally went green and asked the audience “Who ate the goldfish?”.

A guy raised his hand and said he had done it to upset his little sister when he was a kid! John Edward hates fish so sensed the taste of the goldfish transmitted by the Loved One and instantly went green.

That’s how extremely physical psychic mediumship can be.

Loved Ones can come through during an Akashic Records Reading too

I sometimes have Loved Ones come through in Akashic Records Readings, and one thing I know for sure is those happenings cannot be controlled or predicted.

When visiting my husband’s grandparent’s grave, my husband’s grandma came in and wanted me to pass on messages to her daughter (my mother-in-law).  My husband’s grandparents had both passed long ago, his grandad before he was born, and his grandma when he was a teenager.

I did so and the messages were very validating and comforting for her and something that only she knew about.

I was on a family holiday, so it was the last thing on my mind to give a reading, but Spirit came through anyway!

Intention helps when wishing to connect with a Loved One

Before a reading, it helps to think about your Loved One or Loved Ones and set an intention to connect with them.

It also helps not to tell the reader who you are trying to contact so that they can give you clear and validating information from Spirit because the reader has a clear mind.

It has been my personal experience that clients always get the reading that they needed, rather than the reading they believe they want or ‘should have’.  So, before coming for a psychic mediumship reading, clear your mind, be open and you will receive comforting and validating messages from your Loved Ones.

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