Our Personal Energy – what is in there?

Your Intuitive GiftsAfter more than 18 years of work and study I can say with some authority that we do have an energy field.

The relatively new field of energy psychology can demonstrate to us that working with energy is good for our health.

But what is our personal energy made up of, exactly…and how can we work effectively with it?

The Personal Energy Field

Whether you call it the aura, Personal Energy or an electromagnetic field – our personal energy is not simple to describe.

In some cases getting in touch with it can be a subtle process…hence the other often-used term ‘subtle energy’.

About two years ago I came up with this diagram or thought bubble…in an attempt to grasp at explanations for our subtle energy.

Your Personal Energy Field contains…

The 10 areas listed in this diagram are by no means comprehensive – but they do give us a start at understanding ourselves better from the energetic perspective.

  1. Physical body.  Our physical body both contains and radiates our Personal Energy.  Containing our life-force or ‘chi’ within our physical energy centers, our physical body acts as a resonator of our energy.  Usually, our Personal Energy expands outwards from our body to 24 inches, or up to two feet around us.
  2. Meridians.  Our life force or ‘chi’ runs through our meridians.  I was first introduced to meridians through my practice of reflexology and began to realize that stimulating meridians or clearing blocked or sluggish meridians can positively affect health.  Once I began to receive 5 element acupuncture, I got a first-hand experience of my meridian energy!
  3. Chakras or Energy Centers.  Whether chakras or energy centers are simply gatherings of nerves in our body or something more…now many people are experiencing chakra openings and receiving information and spiritual awareness with chakra work.  Here’s one of my “Mom” posts on the root chakra to learn more.
  4. Emotional Energy.  Generated by all of our energy systems in tandem, emotional energy creates a field which emanates from our bodies.  We have mirror neurons which enable us to sense other people’s emotions and feel empathy.  Our own emotional personal energy can be sensed by others, more and more as we evolve spiritually.  Think of somebody who emanates anger, love or happiness.  How do you know that is what they are feeling?
  5. Intuitive Awareness.  Whether we think of this as survival instinct, body awareness or psychic insight, all of our energy systems work together to give us focused awareness where we need it…a combination of all our senses into something transcendent – or greater than – everyday awareness.  From hunches, ‘gut instinct’, to inspiration, feelings from outside of ourselves and thoughts that just ‘pop in’, our intuition is (re)awakening as we evolve and leading us to greater self-awareness.
  6. Life Force or ‘chi’.  Our life force animates our incarnated bodies.  Whether you believe the 21g soul theory or not (that when the soul leaves the body at transition, the body is left lighter) – we see people with strong life force or chi.  When we become sick our bodies are less animated.  When we pass, the life force has left our bodies.  Where it goes is quite another matter.
  7. UCL, Universal Calibration Lattice or electromagnetic field.  As an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner I have studied the human electromagnetic field.  In the realm of New Energy Psychology, great results for human wellness are being achieved with the application of this body of work.  The originator Peggy Phoenix-Dubro has received accolades from over 70 countries for her work. The EMF Balancing Technique® is a part of the course curriculums at the Institute of Integrative Psychology in Russia, and the Reidman International College of Alternative Therapies in Israel.  More posts to come on the EMF Balancing Technique®!
  8. Soul, or higher awareness.  Many people on the Spiritual Journey often talk about the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than the other way around.  As we continue to practice meditation, yoga and other forms of consciousness shifting…we are all becoming aware that the Soul is our original expression of Personal Energy…and that we are here in human form to express a part of that energy in Life Lessons upon Earth.
  9. Grounding, Earth or planetary connection.  As we continue to evolve…we are becoming more aware of our deep connection to Mother Earth, or Gaia, expressed through our Personal Energy as grounding through our Root Chakras and thus becoming more present to everyday life, as opposed to pure survival or out of body connection with spirit.  As we do so we return to the knowledge of the indigenous peoples and realize that we inhabit a living, breathing planet.
  10. The Akashic Records.  The Akashic Records are an ancient spiritual resource and comprise of our personal energy, plus all that connects and surrounds us.  Think of the Akashic Records as a Spiritual Engine.  This energy brings us here, keeps our Soul connected with our Personal Energy and also helps us to connect with our Soul Level Truth…even our Past Lives.


Your Personal Energy Field Contains…

So after much work and study…this is my experience and these are my thoughts on the nature of our Personal Energy.

I’d love to hear what you think!

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