What is stuck energy?

What is stuck energy?

stuck energy

Stuck energy?

stuck energyWe all feel stuck sometimes – but what can we do about stuck energy in our Personal Energy Field?

Stuck energy can give us physical symptoms

A friend of mine who is a Shamanic practitioner maintains that she will get headaches if she doesn’t create something when the urge or the inspiration comes upon her.

She makes rattles, drums and beautiful beaded bags that she dreams into being.

Creatives can get stuck energy

As I child I was always writing and drawing.  As an adult a lot of those activities slipped away when my professional work life took over and I found other creative outlets such as writing courses.

I always doodled though!  Even today if I don’t make time to write or draw then I get antsy and feel quite constipated and annoyed (in an energetic sense!).

You don’t have to be a creative to get stuck energy

Perhaps you don’t think of yourself as a particularly creative person – but creative or not – we can all get stuck energy.

It can get stuck in our

  • minds – with repetitive thoughts
  • bodies – with aches and pains
  • emotions – with low energy or even depression
  • spirit – perhaps even with a karmic issue or past life trauma

Somehow we need to get that stuck energy moving

As an HSP (highly sensitive person) and intuitive/energy sensitive I have to work hard to clear stuck energy because it really, really bothers me.

Some of my tools are

  • mind – affirmations, language work, watching an uplifting movie or reading an engaging book
  • body – yoga gets both the physical body and the energy body moving for me.  Silly dancing helps a great deal :-), a walk in nature, I also love tai chi.
  • emotions – low energy – meditation or poetry can often shift things for me, even a short favorite youtube video will do it.  If you believe you are depressed or have felt depressed for a while, always seek a doctor’s help or some other kind of professional help.
  • spirit – learning about our own personal spiritual gifts and finding out where we are on the spiritual journey can always help.  For myself, a regular spiritual practice with Akashic Records work always helps me with the bumps in the road and gives me a higher perspective.


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