The gift of being an Empath

The gift of being an Empath

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Intuitive Coaching SessionMore about Empaths and our Gifts, in fact The Gift of being an Empath

This post>> Empaths are Awakening is getting so many daily views I don’t quite know what to do with myself!  Other than write more about Empaths!

The Gift

These days when I feel, know, or sense things through the body, my energy field, the chakras or my intuition…or even the Akashic Energy…I take a breath, pause and tell myself, it’s OK, it’s The Gift.  The Gift of being an Empath.

What is the Gift of the Empath anyway, isn’t it really difficult to be one?

Who knows what the Gift of the Empath could be for you?

As a young child I was always sensitive and hypervigilant, hyperaware.  From Dr Elaine Aaron’s work and from the last 20 years of work and study I am beginning to understand that there is more to it than the extremely valuable information of being 15% of the population with magnified sensory awareness.

I could feel people’s energy for as long as I can remember, I know when they are lying, conflicted, even unaware of their own internal issues or struggles.

I didn’t know what to do with any of this information. The downloads would vary from the odd to the downright scary.

Being at a party and seeing the imprint of a woman’s face zip out to the side of her actual face, scream silently and then melt like wax can be slightly to extremely distressing for anyone.

Add to this any number of experiences ranging from sensing the atmosphere of a house to deja vu and it could have resulted in a really mixed up kid!

Luckily I didn’t get too mixed up!

Are you going through an Empathic Awakening? What is your Gift of the Empath?

I believe a number of us are awakening rapidly…perhaps even more than we think and that all these ‘odd’ workshops we’ve been attending, trainings in energy work, toning, seeing auras, you name it, if you’re reading this you’ve probably done the workshop or are thinking of doing one…these are all leading us to our own awakening.

So what are your gifts?

Perhaps you are becoming much more deeply tuned in to emotions, or to weather, or to the energy of the planet – or you just ‘know’ things – or synchronicity is going off the scale for you?

When things do happen, or you find yourself trying to stay at home, out of crowds, away from people and funky energy – what can you do?

What I do first is

– breathe, remind myself that it is The Gift
– practice something that works for me. I access my Akashic Records, or do yoga, or meditate, or walk among the trees.
– What works for you? Practice it!  It’s OK, you have a Gift.
– Figure out if what you are feeling, thinking, sensing is you or from the Greater Than Self.  (Maybe you are feeling energy from your partner, from a friend, an old imprint of energy, a disembodied spirit or even a vortex?).
– Get deep into the feeling, ask it lots of questions, find out what The Gift of the Empath is telling you.
– Write it down, keep a diary or journal so you can validate your findings later if need be.
– Get back to everyday life.
– Repeat as needed – you have a Gift!


When you do this, you are processing the energy rather than leaving it stuck inside you, bugging you – that’s when we think The Gift is a Curse…

Whatever you do, I believe The Gift, the Gift of the Empath, is growing and it’s part of our awakening.

Learn to embrace it at whatever level you can.  A 6 week mediumship course was a life-saver for me.

Now I understand how to work with disembodied spirits instead of experiencing my bedroom as some kind of spiritual train station. It can be done!

If you have stuck energy, that’s when it is tough being an Empath because it’s easy to just head into overwhelm and want to hide in a corner.

You can learn to clear energy for yourself, embrace your Gift and have a better life.  If I did it, then so can you!

You too can embrace The Gift of the Empath!


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