What are twin flames?

The term ‘twin flame’ and the other term ‘soulmate’ are bandied about with regularity in the spiritual community.

This concept of twin flames is written about in books, shown in movies, and seen as something very desirable.   So many clients come to me with the question ‘who is my twin flame?’.

Twin flames are certainly real and are aspects of the same soul who incarnate in the same life.

They are also EXTREMELY rare.

To date, I have met just one couple who I believe are true twin flames.

They are highly spiritual people who found each other when they were young.  Currently, they spend just about every moment of their lives together, including work.

This couple are both writing coaches who attract highly sensitive people ready to write their stories.  Their mission is to help us all evolve and they are highly positive souls who have gentle and loving energy.

What Twin Flames are

Twin flames are aspects of the same Soul incarnated in different bodies.

  • They will unite harmoniously to complete a mission on Earth, *however that may manifest WITHOUT INTENTIONALLY creating karma.
  • Twin flames create special energy together that attracts other highly evolved souls.
  • These Soul types aim to live their divinity in life and express it as fully as possible.  They work on pre-life agreements to help each other and other souls evolve.  There is often a mission to help change the planet in some powerful way.

What Twin Flames are not – more likely a soul contract or soul shift

Twin Flames are not two separate Souls working out karma!  This is often something else that can be measured in the Akashic Records,  called a Soulmate contract.

  • Twin Flames are not two separate Souls in a Soul-shifting agreement sharing a body.
  • Nor are twin Flames two people who are meant to be together against all odds.  Being meant to be together is a purely human idea, not a soul-level requirement.
  • You have great chemistry with a person so they must be your twin flame – no, not always!  Often great chemistry is a red flag and indicates a karmic bind.
  • If you and someone else are truly twin flames, you will not intentionally infringe on another’s free will in order to be together or try to control the relationship.
  • When you think of a Twin Flame, it’s not the burn of sexual chemistry that is going on.  True twin flame energy is the heavenly evolved light of two souls working on planet Earth for our evolution!
  • If there is ‘burn’ or chemistry, a magical draw, or psychic phenomena happening, it must be love.   If there is a powerful mental and physical energetic connection, even a psychic seeming ‘mind meld’ it probably won’t be a twin flame connection.   You are most likely dealing with a Soulmate contract or simple human energetic resonance and chemistry, from someone with similar energy!  This is called an aura merge.

What are Soulmates?

Soulmates have a pre-life contract to reincarnate together through several lives in order to clear karma.

So think of Soulmate Contracts as a very, very long marriage with a whole bunch of work, baggage, and personal growth involved.

You reincarnate many times and keep finding each other, sometimes it’s great, and sometimes it can feel like finding that bad penny again. Just like a long marriage here on Earth!

As a positive Soul, focus on this when searching for an intimate relationship

What positive Souls are most interested in is not ‘finding their soulmate’, or ‘finding their Twin Flame’. They want to…

  • Clear karma so that you can ascend to the next level of consciousness and be done with the karma you have created here through many lifetimes.
  • Meet any people with whom you have Soulmate contracts, or clear those contracts, so that you can release and finish any past life contracts and MOVE ON from the current situation. If you can’t move on, you can’t grow!
  • Empower your personal route to consciousness by learning to express your personal Divinity.  One way to do this is with a Soul Star Reading to discover your Divine Soul Blueprint.
  • Do your best to avoid making negative choices that create yet more karma, resulting in more incarnations!  Karma is like a reverse parachute or even sticky glue or tar that holds our consciousness down from ascending to the next level of consciousness (— in our case, the next level is 4D or the fourth density).

How to find a Positive Soul, then?

  1. It’s possible that the person feels very familiar but you can’t put your finger on why.
  2. There may be great chemistry, but the vibe will likely be much softer than ‘red flag’ chemistry and you will feel safe with this person and not on a constant high of stimulation.
  3. If there is a strong psychic draw or energetic pull to be with them, and you have to break off an existing relationship to be with them–do it the right way, without creating more karma.
  4. You may find the relationship great at the beginning but still, quickly become disappointed as you find yourself in a repeat of a type of relationship you seem to keep having over and over in this life.  Soulmates are sometimes here to get you past your blocks!  Stay open and aware and you will both be able to work through it.
  5. Be open to the possibility that even with a positive Soul, the relationship may not last.  Sometimes Souls clear karma or change a dynamic, and then it’s time to move on.

As an evolving soul, relationships are of course your choice

To empower yourself as an evolving Soul, you can choose whomsoever you wish to be with, of course.

I would suggest though, in our oversexualized society that you consider the following questions if you are ready to evolve on the spiritual path and connect with your Akashic Energy.

Do I want to create more karma and hold myself back? 

The Law of One states that creating karma is any infringement on another’s free will.

If you force a relationship to be with your ‘soulmate’ or deceive an existing partner, you create more karma for yourself and for the other person.

We never create karma in a vacuum! We are all entangled as Souls on the spiritual journey.

Do I want to continually reincarnate with the same Soul over and over?

Soulmate contracts are measurable and can be detected in your Akashic Energy by a skilled practitioner.

You can choose to clear that contract from your Akashic Record if you wish.

Then you would get the opportunity to connect with many more different souls, clear more karma with another soul, or even have karma-free relationships!

What an interesting concept.

Work on learning from repeating patterns if you can

Do you want to repeat old sexual misery programming over and over?

Unfortunately, there is a darker agenda at work related to the generation of sexual energy and sexual misery on Earth.

Often we are taught that ‘great chemistry’ is what we are after. Chemistry fizzles though and often blinds us to the person behind the ‘burn’.

As a fuller expression of your natural Divinity, I would guide you towards relationships that are nurturing, sustaining, and healthy for you on the road to spiritual and personal growth.

It’s a work in progress for all of us!

Lots of light