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Why are certain people (like my children) in my life?

Recently during my personal Akashic Records work I decided to ask my own Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones why my children are in my life.

I have two girls currently aged 12 and 14 respectively. Life is moving on, they are learning how to become adults and I thought this might help me with some of the growing pains.

(Last week my oldest started Drivers Ed. Here in the US, which means next year she’ll be driving accompanied). I still can’t get my head around that right now!!

I know other parents and carers will resonate with that. This kind of right of passage can be physically painful almost as we go through various emotions and start the Great Letting Go.

Now I’m beginning to understand why my mum always used to stay awake until I got home, even when I was an adult and just visiting.

Accessing my Akashic Records to find out why certain people are in my life

So to manage some of this emotional roller-coastering I decided to do what always grounds me and gives me peace and access my Akashic Records.

Asking why someone is in your life is a spiritual exercise we can do about anyone — in fact, anything, any circumstance, situation or issue.

These days I use a number of methods to access the Akashic Records.


This time I used a breathing method I have learned to access the Akashic Records. Here are the 5 reasons from each of my lists as to why my two girls are in my life.

The oldest (age 14).

1. To show you yourself (Sarah: tell me about it).
2. To break down boundaries and traditional thinking. (Sarah: that’s my girl!!)
3. To be a force for love in the world.
4. To invent amazing things.
5. To kiss and hug you both (myself and my husband). (Sarah: She’s a good hugger!)
6. To show you Indigo ways. (I’ve been told by two separate psychics that she is an Indigo Child).
7. To show men a new paradigm of female behavior.
8. To enjoy being in the human body to the max.
9. To laugh with!
10.To re-gain self. (Generational missing pieces).

The younger (age 12)

1. To demonstrate pure love
2. To show the crystal child archetype
3. To be a spiritual companion (Sarah: I can vouch for that already)
4. To always state the obvious (Sarah: and that, too!)
5. To be a sparkling diamond in your life. (Sarah: her name means ‘like silver’). Xx
6. To sing your praises, so you can sing hers.
7. To dance and demonstrate humor, joy and love.
8. To show people the way to their own hearts.
9. To be a nature sprite.
10.To shine.

Why certain people are in our lives

I know for sure that my oldest is here to challenge me and show me myself.  When I got a little over-excited about her learning to play the flute in the school band, she pointed out quite calmly that I needed to remember this was her life…and that I shouldn’t project my own experiences onto her.  (I really wanted to learn to play more musical instruments when younger but my family didn’t have the funds).

I know that is pure projection and my daughter quite quickly noticed the energy.

She is also one of the most ‘in-body’ people I know.  I remember when she was 3 and we were out driving she said “Mom, I can’t see my own eyes!”  She realized that without a mirror she couldn’t see her own eyes and therefore no-one else could either.  She will often list in detail what is happening in her body and how it feels.  Amazing to have that level of sensitivity.

My youngest has always been such a dear child…one of those children that looks at you with their big blue eyes and makes your toes curl up with the sweetness of her.

As a crystal child (again, someone else told me about this archetype and my youngest…and it fits!) she is such an open and loving being, so observant and sensitive.  One day we were out in nature and a lot of spring flowers were blooming in our neighborhood.  My youngest was literally spinning with delight and kept telling me how all the flowers and trees were connected and coudn’t I feel it?

Stating the obvious.  She is so good at that…and observational humor and body humor too!

Meditate on why certain people are in your lives

Perhaps whilst reading this you are resonating with some of the reasons listed above.  Maybe you are also beginning to think about why certain people are in your life!

When you meditate on this, make a list.  It may surprise and inform you in a number of ways.

In the mean time, I will be taking time to meditate on these reasons and fit them into the busy patchwork of our everyday lives.

What a wonderful set of gifts to receive on the Journey!

Let me know if you would like an Akashic Records Reading to discover why certain people are in your life, too!

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