akashic records readingsAkashic Records – more than one way to gain access

Working and talking with a colleague yesterday, we were discussing different ways to access the Akashic Records.

My formal experience of accessing the Akashic Records has been with Linda Howe’s excellent Pathway Prayer Process©. Finding her book in 2010 led to a spiritual awakening, an energetic experience of the Akashic Records and a spontaneous ability to access the Akashic Records, giving readings for myself and others.

In the past I have noticed that many clients report a feeling of familiarity when I help them access their Records with my online coaching course, many even recognize the energy during an Akashic Records Reading.

Why is this?

I believe, as do many others including my teachers, that since the Akashic Records are all around us, surrounding and penetrating us, we have been able to shift our consciousness to the Records either with or without that set intention.

I often explain to clients that accessing the Akashic Records is a simple shift in consciousness. We do this in many ways in every day life. Consider for a moment how you are when you

– drive a car
– chill and watch tv
– study or work
– read a book

All these activities require a particular focus of attention or shift in consciousness, which is what I am talking about.

Slipping into the Akashic Records

So many people have ‘slipped’ or shifted into their Akashic Records without realizing it, hence why so many clients feel the familiarity of home with this energy when they work with me.

So, some ways I believe people can shift their consciousness and access the Akashic Records

1. Regular practice with the Pathway Prayer Process© will get you used to the feeling, sensations and awareness of being in the Akashic Records and connecting with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.

2. One this is achieved, practicing yoga, kundalini work or meditative work and taking time to breathe deeply for 3 or 4 breaths. Asking for access to the Akashic Records. This intention will get you there – I’ve experienced visions and sensations to confirm this.

(I tried this process yesterday with very interesting results!).

3. By accident, perhaps entering the ‘zone’ when jamming on an instrument, singing, or writing.

4. Being in a beautiful place in nature and recognizing it as a home from a Past Life…or any place where you may have lived before.

5. Feeling you are surrounded by Masters, Teachers and/or Loved Ones all of a sudden.

6. Intuitive ‘connect the dots’ kinds of feelings – that ‘aha’ moment.

Let me know if you have found other ways to access the Akashic Records!

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