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If you’ve visited this site before, you’ll know that I read the Akashic Records for clients.

Previously an arena of spiritual practice only for mystics, scholars and secret societies, more and more people are embarking on their own spiritual journeys and beginning to hear about the Akashic Records, perhaps even booking a reading online.

The most commonly known reader of the Akashic Records in the United States to date was Edgar Cayce, who used to access the Records of a client by putting himself in a light hypnotic state, where he would see himself traveling to the Hall of Records and being presented with a book about the client he was reading for.

Edgar Cayce’s recommendations for health and wellness and many of his remedies are still in use today as a result.

Akashic Records Coaching with Sarah – Akashic Foundations

Perhaps you’ve already experienced an Akashic Records reading and are interested in learning more.

Accessing the Akashic Records for ourselves can be a profound and enlightening spiritual experience.  Many people find this activity becomes a powerful part of their own personal spiritual practice.

If you’ve read a book or two and are still feeling uncertain – at client request I created this Akashic Foundations course to help you become more comfortable with your own practice.

The coaching course has three main objectives

  1. to enable you to become sure when you are ‘in’ the Records, and when you are ‘out’ of the Records (this can be tricky at first…I help you develop your own personal checklist to help).
  2. to learn more about your intuitive abilities, your natural intuitive channels
  3. to help you learn more about Past Lives and the healing potentials that working with our Past Lives can contain.

To read more about the course, click here>>>

Benefits I’ve received from regular Akashic Records Practice

Since I’ve begun working with my own Akashic Records, I’ve noticed that

  • my other intuitive skills and abilities have increased
  • I experience life more intensely
  • I am gaining a deeper understanding of the issues in my life, why I have them, and how to begin to clear them
  • I have a deeper connection with nature
  • I am much more grounded.

…and I am learning so much from clients!

Our own personal stories and experiences contain so much deep spiritual wisdom and enlightenment…and reading our Akashic Records is one way to connect more deeply with our inner wisdom.

See you on the journey.

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