Akashic Records ReadingsAkashic Records – what can you learn?

I know someone who calls the internet the ‘great big book of everything’.

It’s true, the internet contains a lot of information, good, bad and ugly. And so do your Akashic Records.

In my experience, the Akashic Records can inform, support and send us push notifications…just like the internet.

The Akashic Records also contain information that may be hard to hear or to learn about, just like the internet. Yet, when we are ready we can read this information, absorb the energy of it and learn to move on, older, wiser, more knowledgeable.

We can do that on the internet too.

Use the Akashic Records to connect spiritually

The Akashic Records though can offer us much more than a sense of connection.

The three basic tenets of the Akashic Records are

  1. Judge not
  2. Fear not
  3. Resist not

akashic records

As identified by Linda Howe in “How to Read the Akashic Records,’ 2009, Sounds True, Inc.

Hint – remember good old Jafar from Aladdin — JaFaR – he Judged, Feared and Resisted his true nature because of ego – he was an amazing sorcerer but wanted to be the best, the biggest, the most powerful…and look where that got him.

Alone with his best/worst frenemy and his own ego…stuck inside a small lamp for eternity.


The Akashic Records – a space to be free of Judgement, Fear and Resistance

We have to be very focused with our searches on the internet to find material which does not contain Judgement, Fear and Resistance…and that’s because the internet is in the realm of every human awareness, everyday human consciousness.

When we access our Akashic Records it’s a given that we are free of the JaFaR’ish restrictions which can plague us in everyday life and even on the internet.

With the Akashic Records we can access our very own Great Big Book of Everything and learn!

Learn about the reasons for our own Judgements, the Judgements of others. Learn about our own Fears and the Fears of others. Learn about our own Resistance and clinging on to ideas, situations and relationships that no longer serve us.

We can learn all these things and more without the energy of Judgement, Fear and Resistance being present. We can even look at these 3 simple principles in multi-dimensional forms, considering our experiences in other lives, Past Lives as well as this one.

And yet there is still so much more to learn from your Akashic Records!

What’s in your Akashic Records?

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