Light beings waiting to be unwrapped

Light beings waiting to be unwrapped


light beings

We are all light beings

Walking through the small area of woods near my house today with my dog, I had a vision of light beings walking through the trees.

They were us, only displaying themselves in a different frequency of light.

I could see us differently.

Inside is our chi or God-light, ‘god-spark’ running through our central core and column, leg and feet, arms and hands, chests, necks shoulders and head.

We are all the same there, although as individual as a feather, as multifaceted as a diamond, as eternal as the night sky.

Then come the other parts of us that obscure us from becoming light beings

We lean into the wind of birth as pure soul aspect, pure spirit…and then we incarnate.

Learning how to use our fleshy bodies is a task we take on with joy, often laughter, at the enormity of the job at hand after floating in spirit for a while.

As we grow, we become aware of other aspects of ourselves.

We create memories, golden disks of light attached to the energy fibers behind us.

We draw on our Past Lives from those disks too, and our body’s genetic history. Then we start to wrap this story around us.

Sometimes it dims our light, sometimes it helps us and lights up a disk of light in our front fibers, where our future potentials lay. Sometimes it uncorks a surge of pain or trauma which runs in colorful streaks across our aura and our chi, blending with the golden light in places, making it less clear.

We resonate and take on from other energies around us, clunking wheel like ideas and thought forms, steam punk in nature, puffing on from centuries of use, thousands of years of over-use, but they are ours on Earth so we wear them with pride. If not that, then at least some form of comfort, for a while.

We may create new thoughts forms of our own based on the frequencies and light that we cast. Some pure and golden, some streaked with tears and other karmic colors, some dark and biting as we repeat and think to improve upon some of the ancient ideas that have kept us in their thrall for centuries.

So we cover and wrap our essential Light with our stories, our thoughts, our karma and our deepest emotions, wrapping ourselves tightly just like a living mummy on the Earth.

And then we walk and share and eat and attempt to love others, because we are angels, really. Not everyone can see our light anymore, and we certainly cannot see our own.

Not everyone can see through the layers of trauma, pain, old ideas and beliefs to the golden light within. Sometimes old ideas resonate and lock with another, experiences of lives past connect and another dance in the long karmic game is played out painfully and automatically.

Then the Lightworkers come

Those. are born who know on some level that they are golden light, golden chi, golden energy and that they may be covered by the wrappings of incarnation, but they will not take them on, or at some point they will clear them from their field.

So they begin to broadcast light. Some people feel it and are afraid. They back away, accuse, divert, deny and refuse to see their own inner light as it resonates with that of the Lightworker.

Then there are other people who are ready to drop the outer layers, the heavy clanking wheels of karma, the painful stripes of long battles of emotion and power struggles, the inherited thought patterns that serve us no longer.

And so, we let the wrappings fall.  We are light beings.


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