The Higher Self is often referred to as something we need to connect with or magnify. What is the Higher Self, exactly, and how do we learn to channel it through energetic and spiritual practice?

What is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is often used as another name for the Soul in spiritual circles. From my experiences, I believe the Higher Self is connected to the Soul, and part of it – but not the entire Soul itself.

I have had powerful Higher Self experiences also.

I’ve given Soul Purpose Readings to clients, measuring their active connection to their Higher Self, both through the conscious connection and the subconscious connection.

I agree with Edgar Cayce, a famous Akashic Records Reader (1877-1945) who said that the Higher Self is our connection to our Soul – he went so far as to call it our intuition.

Edgar Cayce and his experiences of intuition

I particularly like a book by Henry Reed, a friend of the Cayce family.

Henry has compiled intuitive exercises and contemplations by Edgar Cayce into one resource.

This is no mean feat, given that Edgar Cayce gave around 14,000 readings about clients’ health.

The book is called Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self.

I refer to this book often when I am considering how to help a client. It’s also a great resource to expand my skills and abilities on my intuitive journey of growth.

How can we measure the Higher Self Connection?

It’s possible to measure our active connections to the Conscious and Subconscious Higher Self through the Akashic Records.

Our Conscious Higher Self is activated when we ask for information from our Soul-level guidance. Examples of this can be a message or sign from our Spirit Guides. Perhaps it’s having a question answered about a pressing issue.

Our Subconscious Higher Self is activated when we have those ‘ah-ha’ moments of insight.

Maybe we have a lucid dream that clarifies something, or we have an unexpected visit from a Guide.

The body’s ability to handle the ‘bandwidth’, number, or type of intuitive messages from the Soul can be measured. This is read through the Akashic Records as a percentage.

Then practice work can be added and experienced to expand the bandwidth. Very helpful!

Can certain energies block our connection?

Types of energetic data that can block expansion to our Higher Self include: –

  • Energetic hangers-on taking a ride on our Soul energy (a bit like having an extra Netflix subscription!).
  • Some disembodied entities take our ‘chi’, or life force.
  • Past Life karmic patterns.
  • Contracts, vows, negative agreements, or constraints on our energy (past or present life).
  • Negative thought-forms.
  • Chakra damage.
  • Genetic karma (generational trauma).

One of the ways clients can learn to clear their energy is through the Soul Star Reading. This is one of my most popular readings.

Why do we have these blocks to intuition in the first place?

Imagine our incarnated body as a cell phone. Of course, it’s much more than that, but just for the sake of a metaphor, stick with me.

We are born, and incarnated, and our Soul downloads a part of itself into our body. The aura then brings with it all that experience data from other lives. 

Some of this data applies to this life, and some comes through from Past Lives. Yet, it’s still hanging on there in the background, churning away, taking up our battery life, or chi.

When we practice reconnecting with the true nature of our Soul we expand our Higher Self Connection. 

This then helps us to broaden the channel between the Soul and the incarnated spirit.

So using this analogy, you could say that the Higher Self is a broadband wifi network. This network connects us to our Soul.

Just like we use wifi when we want to connect to the internet from our phones.

So how to channel the Higher Self?

When we need better Wifi or a better internet connection, usually that involves some work. We have to install some equipment and start making payments for a service.

To channel the Higher Self (get a spiritual upgrade), regular spiritual practice starts that process naturally.

For example, spend regular time in meditation, journaling dreams, or working on the way you think and speak. You will then naturally start to widen the broadband of your Higher Self’s Soul connection.

In Henry Reed’s book about Edgar Cayce, Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self (Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis): –

Roles can be tools to enter certain states of awareness.

What would it be like to play the role of your Higher Self? 

Cayce’s formula for being a channel of our higher selves is to attune to our ideal, set self aside, and let the ideal express itself. 

Imagine what it might be like, then, to….play the role of someone who personifies the ideals of your Higher Self.

Henry Reed

Edgar Cayce suggests approaching this idea using various spiritual tools.  Depending on our skills and abilities, we can practice those that appeal to us.

On the list of suggestions are: –

  • Attuning to the Channel of your Guardian Angel
  • Dreams – journaling your dreams and seeing them as the ‘nightly channel’ of your Higher Self
  • Working with the creative Channel of the mind, working on new thoughts and ideas, and bringing them creatively into being
  • Practicing regular meditation
  • Learning inspirational writing, sometimes called automatic writing
  • Creating artistically, however, that applies to you (I like knitting, for example).
  • Using your imagination regularly and in conscious ways (such as vision boarding, painting, or designing something)
  • Learning hypnosis
  • Being a channel for Healing Forces (it’s easier than you think, one example is having a green thumb!)
  • Practicing being fully present in yourself, is the ultimate form of channeling!

It’s simpler than we think to channel our Higher Self

Over time, I have noticed that I can ‘connect up’, more quickly and easily than I used to. I have learned to listen to the spiritual guidance from the Soul through my Higher Self. 

(Now, like many of us, whether I act on that is quite another matter!).

Part of this I know relates to my regular spiritual practice. My practice is a natural result of giving regular readings to clients.

Each time I read for a client, I meditate and connect to the Earth. I visualize my special personal connection to the Akashic Field. I then pray for a clear and accurate reading for the client.

Edgar Cayce’s recommendations show us that spiritual practice is the key to developing our intuition. We don’t need to be spiritual readers to connect more strongly with the Higher Self.

With practice, we can expand our connection to the Higher Self. We can then learn to connect with the Soul, in any number of ways that suit the individual.

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