The Higher Self – What is it?

The Higher Self is often referred to as another name for the Soul in spiritual circles.

As I continue to study the work of Edgar Cayce, one of the most well-known Akashic Records Readers, one thing that stands out from his work is that he viewed the Higher Self as a separate aspect of our spirituality, and not the Soul itself.

So what is the Higher Self exactly?

Today when working with a client I found myself explaining the Higher Self from the perspective of our Spirit Guides.

(Everyone has their own Spirit Guides that can be connected with via their Akashic Records).  The Akashic Guides are different to say, spirit guides.  But that, for now, is just a side note.

I often find myself explaining our spiritual nature in terms of modern technology as a metaphor.

Think of our Soul as a collection of programs from many lifetimes, plus its original ‘source program’, our Soul level nature when we separated from God Spark.

Over many lifetimes we have made choices, taken actions, and learned habits, skills, and techniques, some serve us, some do not, and some choices have taken us away from our essential nature into lives and decisions that were not in our best interest.

Over time all these actions, thoughts, circumstances and situations get recorded in our Akashic Record and carried on to the next lifetime

Some of this ‘experience data’ is what we could call karma.

Other data can relate to energetic hangers on taking a ride on our soul, some disembodied entities taking our ‘chi’, or life force, and sometimes there is damage related to our experiences which cause energetic blocks and restrictions.

Now think of our incarnated body as a cell phone (of course, it’s much more than that, but just for the sake of a metaphor, stick with me).

We are born, incarnated, and our Soul downloads a part of itself into our body, bringing with it all that experience data.  Some of it applies to this life, and some we have learned to ignore since it no longer serves us, but it’s still hanging on there in the background, running away, taking up our battery life, or chi.

The more we practice reconnecting with the true nature of our Soul, the more we use the ‘pathway of our Higher Self.  This then helps us to broaden the channel between the Soul and the incarnated spirit having a physical experience in a human body (the cellphone).

So using this analogy, at a very simple level, you could say that the Higher Self is a broadband network connecting us to our Soul!

So how to channel the Higher Self?

When we need better Wifi or a better internet connection, usually that involves some work, some installation of different equipment, and probably an upgrade in payment.

In order to channel the Higher Self (get a spiritual upgrade), spiritual focus starts that process naturally.

So, for example, if you spend regular time in meditation, journaling dreams or working on the way you think and speak, then you will naturally start to widen the broadband of your Higher Self’s Soul connection.

higher selfIn Henry Reed’s book about Edgar Cayce, Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self (Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis), from studying Edgar Cayce’s work Henry Reed says

Roles can be tools to enter certain states of awareness. What would it be like to play the role of your Higher Self?  Cayce’s formula for being a channel of our higher selves is to attune to our ideal, set self aside, and let the ideal express itself.  Imagine what it might be like, then, to….play the role of someone who personifies the ideals of your Higher Self.

Edgar Cayce suggests approaching this idea from a number of different directions with various spiritual tools.  Dependent on our individual skills and abilities, we can practice those that appeal to us.

On the list of suggestions are

  • Attuning to the Channel of your Guardian Angel
  • Dreams – journaling your dreams and seeing them as the ‘nightly channel’ of your Higher Self
  • Working with the creative Channel of the mind, working on new thoughts and ideas and bringing them creatively into being
  • Practicing regular meditation
  • Learning inspirational writing, sometimes called automatic writing
  • Creating artistically, however that applies to you (I like knitting, for example).
  • Using your imagination on a regular basis and in conscious ways (such as vision boarding, or painting, or designing something)
  • Learning hypnosis
  • Being a channel for Healing Forces (it’s easier than you think, one example is having a green thumb!)
  • Being fully yourself, the ultimate form of channeling!

It’s simpler than we think to channel our Higher Self

Over time, I have noticed that I can ‘connect up’, more quickly and easily than I used to and to listen to my own spiritual guidance from the Soul.  (Now, like many of us, whether I act on that is quite another matter!).

Part of this I know relates to my regular spiritual practice which is a natural result of giving regular readings for clients.

Each time I read for a client, I meditate, connect to the Earth, visualize my special personal connection to the Akashic Field, and pray for a clear and accurate reading for the client.

Edgar Cayce’s recommendations show us that we don’t need to be a spiritual reader to connect more strongly with the Higher Self.

We can expand our connection to the Higher Self, and then on through the Soul, in any number of ways that suit the individual.