Learning NLP™

During my mid-thirties I was introduced to the work of Richard Bandler, one of the co-creators of NLP (stands for Neuro-linguistic programming).

Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, or NLP™, for short, is hard to explain in a few sentences.

What I can tell you about it from my experience is that it helps us to learn…

  • how we think and access states of mind
  • how we can use language to shift internal experience
  • how we can access internal resources more easily, feel better and get more productive


  • anything else we can think of!

NLP™ and the medical community…?

My business partner Nicky and I were on Richard Bandler’s course to learn about use of language.

When we got there, initially we were a little confused.  There seemed to be a lot of people attending in the medical field.  We were business development trainers, not medical staff!

After about half a day…we both began to get it.  Piece by piece Richard was unpeeling how certain aspects of our language and behavior are constructed in ways we could learn and apply to our training courses.

NLP™ Trainer!

Snapshot…6 months later, Nicky and I were running courses teaching people to touch type in one day (clients who had little or no keyboard experience) using a carefully scripted course with specific language and creative visualization techniques we had learned with Richard Bandler.

The course worked great and kept us both quite busy for several years!

NLP™ and Parenting

As I moved into the world of parenting when my girls came along – I was more conscious than I otherwise would have been about the use of positive language and the avoidance of ‘Don’t…..___________________’ (fill in blank).

This definitely helped keep all of us calm on the parenting road.

NLP™ and Spiritual Work?

I also noticed when I was on Richard Bandler’s course that many people on the course were involved in Spiritual Work and the Spiritual Journey and were openly learning NLP™ for that purpose.

It didn’t really occur to me to make the connection at the time – I was on a different part of my Journey…now that I’m on the Spiritual path I’m beginning to understand more deeply how to combine NLP™ with Spiritual Work.

NLP™ and Intention

Richard Bandler always made it clear that learning about language patterns and being able to influence how people feel was not manipulative…it was a matter of intention.

Influence people, for sure – ideally to benefit the other person/people and yourself.

If the intention is purely self-motivated and for your own benefit…then that is up to you and you take personal responsibility for the outcome.  Karma, anyone?

NLP™ and Spiritual Work – the Highest Intention

When I embarked on the Spiritual path I began to learn about the nature of intention…that when we intend something fully it sets the tone for what we are hoping to achieve. Acting without intention can often lead to different results than we…intended.

So now when working with clients and using NLP…I focus on setting the Highest Intention for the client – and asking it of them – both verbally and energetically.

It makes a huge difference.

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