Talents and abilities hidden in your energy field

Talents and abilities hidden in your energy field

talents and abilities

talents and abilities

Talents and abilities – and your Personal Energy Field

talents and abilitiesReading this book this week, Strengths Based Marriage: Build a Stronger Relationship by Understanding Each Other’s Gifts, and found the best definition to date regards our talents and abilities.

“Talents are not abilities, such as phenomenal golf swing or an amazing knowledge of stingrays; rather, they are inherent traits. These traits are uniquely, instinctively, and permanently yours. They are not just things you do but rather repeatable ways you see and approach life. In short, they help to make up who you are”.

Sometimes our talents can be as plain as the nose on our face, yet we ourselves don’t see them, acknowledge them or even value them if we are aware that they exist.

There’s that great saying “looking a gifthorse in the mouth”.  Our gifts can be so familiar to us, that we can’t see them as something valuable.

Talents and abilities – one of mine is connectedness

For example, one of my talents is a natural sense of connectedness (also my top Strength in the Clifton StrengthFinder assessment quoted in the above book).

For many years I was aware of this talent, but because of the fear of it’s Shadow Side (or ‘counterfeit’ as viewed from the Clifton Strengthfinders’ perspective), I didn’t focus on it or use it. I feared it, to be honest.

With my particular abilities in connectedness, I could read more about people than they might like to have made public!

This is definitely a talent. After all, as a spiritual intuitive, it’s probably the main tool or skill that I rely on during readings, alongside the training and study which I regularly undertake.

As a young person, I would transmit my knowledge of a person gleaned from connectedness.

Talents and abilities can have a Shadow side, or ‘counterfeit’

In all innocence, I though it would sometimes be useful for people to know what I knew because of my ability to connect with them.

Many didn’t like it, as you might imagine! So the label counterfeit stuck onto to me was that I was ‘bossy’, ‘nosy’, and downright ‘weird’.

Yet we all have ‘hidden’ talents and therefore abilities, some hidden in plain sight (as in my case) that we can focus on, learn to value, expand and help ourselves and others become successful as a result.

After all, wouldn’t you rather have a reading or an energy session from someone who has always been able to connect energetically to others? I know I would.

So talents and abilities are hidden in our energy fields

What I also loved about this book was this amazing fact…

In the Clifton Strengthfinder model, there are 34 talents discovered so far. Initially when doing the test, it is suggested to focus on your top 5 talents. The author asks

“How many people would you need to talk to to find one other person with the same five Clifton Strengthfinder results as you, with the exact same talents sequence?

The answer is (you’d need to talk to) roughly 33 million, with the world population expected to exceed 7.4 billion in 2017. Doing the math, that means there are fewer than 225 people who have the same five talents (as) your sequence.”

In the work that I do, I know for a fact that every single client’s energy is as beautiful and individual as their fingerprints. If we are simply viewing ourselves from the perspective of our hidden talents and abilities, then we truly are as individual at the incarnated personality level here on Planet Earth, as we are at the Soul Level.

I find these numbers very empowering. We are all truly talented in our own individual right, and we are not the same!

What do you think your hidden talents and abilities are?  Let me know if you are ready to find out!


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