How do spiritual mediums know they are making a connection with those who have passed over to the other side?

How do spiritual mediums know they are making a connection with those who have passed over to the other side?

spiritual medium

spiritual mediumA spiritual mediumship experience?

Recently I wrote a blog post about about my mum and her passing – and the unusual bedside experiences I had!

My mum, in the last stages of her life, appeared to find all of this spiritual activity quite normal…when she had spent a lot of her life not acknowledging my spiritual experiences!

She admitted that “you were right all along, Sarah”.

Through a voice in my ear that I heard asking me to repeat childhood stories to my mum (previously unknown stories to me – and more importantly – ones that she could validate), I got a firsthand experience of what it feels like to connect with our Loved Ones.

But how do we know we are really connecting with Loved Ones who have passed on through a Spiritual Medium?

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big John Edward fan – IMHO one of the best spiritual teachers out there about energy and energetic language…and…a spiritual medium.

What has always impressed me most about John’s work is his insistence on being the one to bring through validatable material to those seeking comfort or connection with their Loved Ones.

If you want a good reading from a Spiritual Medium, make sure you can validate the information they pass on

Validatable material is information which the spiritual medium cannot possibly know about the person who has passed or the family member(s) having the reading.

Some examples are:-

an exact description of a photograph in somebody’s house who is the recipient of the reading
a private family joke that no-one else would be privy to
a sense of how the person died
the personal likes and dislikes of the person who has passed and perhaps some other family members too, or still with us OR passed on
what I call an ‘I see you’.  A example would be ‘looking forward to the new baby’ or ‘you bought a new car! …when only the person or people receiving the reading knows that information.

How to identify if you are able to practice as a spiritual medium

What happened for me is that following my mum’s passing…I began making a lot more validatable connections with spirits who have passed.

I’ve always been fascinated with the subject matter – I’ve read lots of books by spiritual mediums and watched lots of tv programs,too.

I say a lot more validatable connections…because recently I realized that to some degree I have always been a spiritual medium – yet somehow I thought everyone noticed what I noticed and didn’t talk about it!

Spiritual mediums are sensitive to energetic imprints at locations and even within a house

Many years ago I had a creepy feeling about a house where I was having a business meeting…as if somebody had pushed their wife down the stairs at the back and she had died.

Nothing logical about it at all…I quietly asked the owner and he looked really surprised.

Pale is probably a more accurate word!  Apparently it was part of the history of the house…from medieval times.

Often a Spiritual Medium’s gifts can become more active after a close family member has passed

The night that my dad passed when I was 19 and living in London, he appeared in front of me a little while before my mother’s phone call from Chichester (UK) – about 90 miles away. I was able to tell her which pajamas he was wearing before he passed.

More recently someone from my husband’s family who has passed has been making regular contact with me and I have been able to pass on validatable information which has been comforting to somebody in my husband’s family.

And the journey as a spiritual medium continues…

As always, I’m interested in hearing your stories.



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Connecting with your Loved Ones.


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