Energetic Awareness

If you’re new to the world of Personal Energy or hear others talking about Energy Work and wonder what it is…then you may be asking yourself where to start. One of the main reasons I began to develop my own energetic awareness is because I knew I didn’t feel good. I was in a place where I was very stressed out – high stress job, long commute and a big mortgage to boot. I knew I could work through my life and change it for the better – but in the mean time I just felt unwell. Nothing specific, simply very tired and unfocused a lot of the time. Then after a powerful experience at a learning conference I decided to try Autogenics.

What is Autogenics and what does it have to do with my Energetic Awareness potential?

Autogenics is a form of body-based meditation, using specific phrases or affirmations to connect with your body in a very deep way. All of the affirmations have been tested so that they are worded to provide the best possible relaxation response for the person practicing the Autogenics technique. When at an education conference related to work, I attended a short workshop with a practitioner called Kai Kermani. I had not planned to attend this 40 minute seminar…but was attracted by the idea of trying a guided meditation, which I had never experienced before.

So I went inside, sat down as Kai Kermani instructed and listened

Immediately I had a very deep experience of being in the exact places that Kai described. My body felt light and relaxed and I felt really good! I wasn’t really aware of what had happened at the time, somehow 40 minutes went by in a flash. I thanked Kai and left the room to meet my business partner for the rest of the conference. Somehow though, at least for a while, my Energetic Awareness had changed. I could ‘feel’ people somehow and also could sense my own eternal nature – which made me unreasonably happy! I went straight up to my business partner and hugged her, telling her how much I loved her! 🙂 She was taken aback but said she loved me too. I can still remember the feelings of total bliss and relaxation, and also that I hugged another colleague we had only just met. He didn’t seem to mind…

After the conference I decided to take an Autogenics course – my Energetic Awareness began to grow

I was able to find a local Autogenics practitioner reasonably near to where I lived and took an 8 week course. The first lesson was simply to learn this exercise. Sit, relax and breathe a moment.
  1. Close your eyes, and in your mind say “My right arm is warm and heavy” three times.
  2. Notice anything.
  3. Put your arms above your head, stretch, breathe and open your eyes.
I was told to do this exercise 3 times per day until the following week where we progressed to the left arm, and so on.

It sounds deceptively simple doesn’t it?

Thing is, it really works! Even years later I can do the ‘arm’ exercise and my body remembers to respond, get really peaceful and listen inside. Whenever I had practiced Autogenics (and I could even practice on the train ride to and from work…everyone else just thought I was sleeping….) my business partner would notice the difference in me. She said my face looked really relaxed. To me, that is one definition of Energetic Awareness. Republished from the Personal Energy Practice blog by Sarah Lawrence Hinson.

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