world family tree

We have a World Family Tree, and it is being assembled

Just this week I read a story in People Magazine about the World Family Tree.

(OK so I’ll admit it, I enjoy People magazine — it’s a guilty pleasure! Not only do I learn about famous people’s Akashic stories, but those classic archetypal circumstances and life lessons that repeat over and over). Plus, it’s mental wallpaper!

world family treeIn the article, author A.J. Jacobs reports working with scientists to assemble a family tree of relations more than 260 million people in size. Just for reference, our current planetary population is at approximately the 7.5 billion mark, give or take a few transitions or births, so from that perspective the project still has a little way to go in order to document the connections between everybody incarnated here currently.

A.J. Jacobs has written a book about his quest so far, It’s All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World’s Family Tree.

From his research to date the author says he learned 5 things

1. We all have black sheep, and that’s a good thing
2. At least one of our ancestors is a Neanderthal
3. The World Family Tree is the ultimate social network
4. We are all mutts
5. We are all related.

1. We all have black sheep, and that’s a good thing.

A.J. Jacobs viewpoint is that most people have a ‘bad apple’ in the family and that having that realization can make us more reflective and less judgemental of others.

I remember when I was getting a divorce, I sadly told my mum over the phone and she said: “That’s alright dear, remember your dad was divorced too when he met me.” I had completely forgotten that!

So, when we learn about family patterns that perhaps we thought didn’t apply to us or would never happen to us and then suddenly they do, it can create an inclusive type of energy for the recipient.

And remember, when we access our Akashic Records, we become connected to an energy or mindset that is judgment-free. That is often a good thing when we begin to research our Past Lives.

2. At least one of our ancestors is a Neanderthal.

This was news to me, but according to the research, most of us have about 3% Neanderthal DNA.  Also according to the research, it’s believed that Neanderthals did have the power of speech and had high squeaky voices.

As a ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’ fan (Jean M Auel – The Clan of the Cave Bear: Earth’s Children, Book One), I guess her depiction of Neanderthals using sign language might have to be rewritten after all.

In a past life regression, I remember being in a tropical forest and speaking in a ‘clicking’ kind of language (Khoisan click languages – African). It’s fascinating to know that, not only have our Souls have past life connections, but our bodies, too.

3. The World Family Tree is the ultimate social network

A.J. Jacobs said he was able to swing a lunch with President George H.W. Bush because he found out that they were distantly related. I’m sure researching the book helped!

At the Akashic level, it’s good to remember that in fact, we are all somebody’s cousin, and somebody else’s first cousin once removed husband’s third-great-grandmother’s third-great nephew. (A.J. Jacob’s relationship to Present George H.W. Bush). Because it’s true!

4. We are all mutts.

“There’s no such thing as racial purity”. Henry Louis Gates

According to A.J. Jacobs, for example, the average African-American has 24% European ancestry.

Many of us may have seen the recent adverts from Ancestry DNA, where people state they have issues with certain races or nationalities, only to find after a DNA test that their own DNA contains large amounts of said previously ‘hated’ example.

It can be pretty humbling to remember this, and also to realize how loony tunes Hitler was to even consider the idea of an ‘Aryan’ or pure race.

5. We are all related.

Fact. In a world where we now know this to be scientific fact, many cultures, races, and groups are still keeping an energetic bias of separation going in their brainpans.

Much of this can be attributed to lack of education and cultural, social or even religious bias.

From the Akashic Perspective, we are all unique, yet all connected. Which, interesting to note, can also be said to be true of the scientific perspective regarding our DNA.

Now our bodies just need to catch up with our minds and our spirits.

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