game of thrones

Akashic Awareness – this means waking up to the energetic games we play

Let’s play a quick imaginary game – the Akashic Game of Thrones.
We are a new being born into a mysterious new world and as we grow we get to make choices.
We get more power and more choices to create, travel, have wonderful relationships and grow our talents and abilities.
OR we can choose to keep our kingdoms and family houses the same way they have been for generations.
You get to choose.

To keep the nine houses going in this game, (and possibly win and be the ‘top’ house), do this…

– Take what we want, when we want it
– lie to support ourselves or a group who want to exert power
– control and lie to others using fear
– make our own wants, needs and desires paramount and fight for every inch of control and every drop of power
– only align with group needs when those group needs are a match for our personal needs
– when we are sad, suck on other’s energy to make us happy for a short while even if that means that the other person dies or lives a miserable life
– ignore anything that makes us feel balanced, express our emotions freely without self-control no matter who they hurt
– ensure that we grow even if others become stunted and fail as a result.

To break out of these repetitive patterns we have been living for centuries, do this…

– Be kind to others
– avoiding cursing or projecting negative energy at others
– help ourselves and others grow
– avoid speaking lies or living a lie
– consider the group impact while making decisions
– admit that our energy will affect others
– when we are sad, ask for help instead of suffering alone for fear of reprisal
– stay balanced and avoid trying to control others.

Perhaps we could call this video game ‘The Akashic Game of Thrones’

After all, it’s the game we’ve been playing for thousands of years!
So why choose positive energy over the old patterns?
Only if as a player you believe…
– personal energy is real
– what you do in this life-time affects your energy next time around
– you and your children are affected by how you play and what you do
– that you have soul level gifts which can only be expressed through expanding your energy
– that positive energy is better for mankind
– that we should go to God Consciousness for energy and not take it from others
– that we can clear our negative choices by replacing them with positive ones
– that clearing our Personal Energy Fields of old unnecessary games will make way for a better future for all.

So which shall you choose in the great Akashic Game of Thrones?

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